There is a Wiser and Wilder Women’s Way

It’s holistic, intuitive, and built on soulful community.

Maybe you jumped in and began doing your heart and soul work and now wondering what you need to do next to create something more prosperous and sustainable.

Your Inner Visionary wants to do what you love. You imagine yourself putting your beautiful work out into the world and making a bigger difference. You also want to feel that sweet feeling of success. It feels good to have your work seen and appreciated.

Your Inner Entrepreneur wants to learn and master the how to run a creative business part which includes all the left brain stuff!

However, instead of these two areas lovingly working together, you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, and overcome with self-doubt. You might be asking, “Does anyone want what I am offering?”

Wiser & Wilder
A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

Hi, this is Kaya.

I know because I was there. I thought about quitting but my Wise Woman peeked in and nudged me and instead, I did the opposite and invested more into myself, got the best help, and now here I am on the other side and able to help you. My book tells my story and offers deep support and tools. Reading it would be a good first step.

Now my mission and purpose are to help you to harness your power, become aligned with your creative and business skills, and then take your empowerment out into the world and fly!

There’s nothing that would make me happier!

Schedule a call with me. I listen to your concerns and help you see where to go next.

I called Kaya when I had reached the edge – the end of knowing what to do to build the creative and mindful career and life coaching business I’d always dreamed of.

I was in a very dark, low place – in survival mode struggling to bring in consistent money and to find the will to continue. Kaya was there for me for 6 months, a steady and loving guide, helping me see my true essence and wisely advising me on how to translate my uniqueness into powerful, effective business offerings and strategy.

~Jennifer Earls M.Ed. Dancer and Life coach dancewithlifeconsulting

Kaya is different. She said, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you through this.” She was not kidding. I didn’t know what support was until I worked with Kaya.

She doesn’t hold back. Kaya addressed my specific issues. She encouraged me all along the way while helping me see what works and what I needed to do.

Gradually I came to understand who I am and how to present myself and my offerings.

~Emmy Morgan askyourangels

♥ Schedule a Phone Session

I listen to your concerns, hear about your goals and you’ll leave with some clear ideas of what to do next.

After 30 years, and numerous creative and soulful business ventures, I discovered what was missing. Ironically it began right with my own wisdom and my authentic wild spirit.

It’s about what you bring from the deepest part of your soul.



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