FeaturePics-Psychedelic-Tie-Dye-Picture075041-289262If you are discouraged and frustrated because you have this amazing service and not enough people interested, you could be doing one or more of these three things!  

In order to have a thriving business, you needs lots of new leads coming through and some of those will turn into paying clients eventually. 

1. Not knowing what people want

If you don’t really know and understand your potential clients, than you will slip into your default and begin talking about what you do in a general way.  People won’t see your speciality and they won’t see how you stand out from everyone else.  Your message begins to sound like everyone else’s and there is no juice that will draw people to you. 

2. Focusing on what you are offering

You’ve probably spent eons of time learning your skill and you love what you do. However your people don’t actually care what you do, they care about what they want  and how they feel.  Certainly what you do is what makes you an expert, but this in itself won’t attract anyone to you.  People are attracted by emotions; something that connects with them on that deep level of their yearning. When you focus all on what you are offering, it can become too much about you and not enough about them! At some point they will care, but not at the beginning.  

3. Selling too soon

Being desperate for money and cash flow, many small business owners start selling way too soon. I’m sure you know what that feels like! You just want to get to know someone and then you feel like they have a mission to sell you their thing.  It could be a really good thing, but you aren’t ready to hear about it yet.  Ideally, selling doesn’t happen until someone self-selects to hear about it and even then it needs to relate directly to their want and need. They need to see how they will get the benefits they want. So, it’s all about timing!

I know I have done each of these things and all it did was block the energy flow. Can you relate?