I encourage my clients to publish articles online in order to build their expertise and brand.

This is true for many kinds of businesses but very advantageous for service based business owners, like web developers, coaches, health practitioners, etc.

Regardless of what industry you are in, there is something you can write about that would be helpful to your potential clients.  Writing articles and getting them onto online article banks will:

•  Get you more exposure.
•  Establish your expertise in your area of focus.
•  Help you build a relationship with your community.

One of my clients who is a naturopath specializes in children. She wrote an article called “5 Ways to Get Your Children to Eat Healthy Food,” and the traffic to her website increased dramatically, as she  offered free kid friendly, healthy recipes on her website.

Some business owners are thrown into major anxiety when I encourage them to write articles. They are unsure about writing and feel blocked, so I am offering an easy formula that takes the fear and anxiety out for the process. If you follow these  5 easy steps you can write a good article in less than 30 minutes and it will be meaningful and offer value to your potential clients.

1. Make a list of questions your clients or customers are asking you?
Questions that have emotion are the best ones. If you have followed my 7-step marketing circle you should know exactly what your clients want to know.  Pick one question that you feel you could respond to if you were talking one-on-one to someone.

2. Write a short paragraph or two about this question and why it is so important to them. How will this make a difference to the reader and what benefits will they receive?

3. Come up with 5 simple keys, tips or steps you can offer. You will be delving into your own expertise here and giving valuable help or advice. It won’t be a struggle if it is something you really know about.

4. Write a couple sentences about each of these 5 points and use bullet points or numbers as that makes them easy to read. Elaborate on each one and flesh it out.

5. Write a short paragraph at the end, summarizing the benefits again and what will happen if someone follows these 5 points.

You are done. All that is left is to create a compelling headline using the number 5 or 3 or whatever number you have chosen.  For some reason odd numbers seem to be better,  The number is good because people like articles that offer clear information. The number makes people curious. Online, people have a short attention span so 500 words is a good maximum length. Notice how easy this was to do. Every time you write it gets easier and faster.