I noticed something recently that has got me thinking.

When out camping in my vanagon I sleep like a rock. We have a wonderful Q bed and parked under trees, by creeks, out in nature, my mind slows down and I sleep for 9 hours straight.  I wake up feeling rested. Back at home, I wake up at 5 AM and can feel my mind full of “stuff!” 

This makes me want to move  out of the city and be in nature all the time.   I realize that I need oases of times where I am disconnected from the city energy and all the horrifying news.

I am sure I am not alone with this and maybe you feel similar. I’m a visionary highly sensitive, empathic type. Most people don’t see this in me while I am out in the world, being online, connecting, and sharing.

Listen to Your Wise Woman to Find Your Deeply Rooted Niche

We women in general are energy holders. Whether you have kids or not, you are a Mother Earth container and your womb is the womb of the world. Your vision is to make a difference in a big way, hold peace, love, and that vibration of light.

I am aware that I am making assumptions here and yet isn’t this true?  Some women hold this intention more consciously but I think most women are connected in this way.  This is why the world needs us in these times.

The world needs women’s empowerment now more than ever!

So if you are struggling, not getting enough sleep, feeling disconnected or confused you may not be centered enough to do your visionary work and manifest your business in the highest way.

When this happens you need to call back your soul. In Chapter 6 in my book, “Wiser and Wilder,” I share a process that can help.

For most women, this means being in a place with no distractions, where you can connect with yourself and allow your real inner truth to emerge.

You might ask questions out loud or you might just quietly reflect on your situation and be open to hearing answers.

What needs to change or shift? What do I need to let go of or what do I need more of? Ideally, I like to be out in nature. However, even in the busy city I can always find a place to light a candle and tune in.

The important thing is to stay in balance so you can access both your soul wisdom and your practical wisdom while running your business. If you sit in this state of BEINGness, you will thrive and be able to do your true life work.

1. Find your spot where you can listen and ask for what you need.
2. Go deep inside and find the part of you that has split off.
3. Ask her what she needs in order to come back.
4. Listen to the message.
5. Follow-through.
6. Find supportive women to be with.
7. Embrace both your soulful wisdom and practical wisdom.

We’ll be doing this together in our Wiser and Wilder group next Tuesday July 26 4PM Pacific.  

We’ll gather around the Fire Circle together. There will be a live video and a place where you can comment and share.

If you are not already a member of this group, just follow this link and ask to join now. The video will stay on this group page so you can listen later if you miss it live. See you there!