Hi, I’m Kaya

Over the years I’ve re-written this page numerous times and in some ways it’s a reflection of the shifts and changes as I have moved through life.  

Although I have always been an artist, I started working as a counselor when my child was small and I needed to have a solid income, and then with women entrepreneurs in 1997, while still in New Zealand.  I realized that this was a passion too, helping  visionary women to stretch and grow past their challenges so they could do what they were meant to do. Many of my clients have been artists or in healing professions. 

Art and healing have always worked in tandem for me. 

My  gift is my ability to really connect with your deep wisdom and to help you grow your business from that place. I see things that you might not see in yourself

I began as an artist and my very first business was making and selling my pottery at craft fairs. I’m now a watercolor painter as well as still offering mentoring for women entrepreneurs. I feel the most at home with a brush in my hand and the magic that happens in that moment.

I developed an Art and Soul Retreat before the pandemic and it successfully blended my two worlds as it was based on art for healing your soul.  During the pandemic this shifted into an online version called Finding You Muse; Healing Through watercolors

I discovered that running a business can be fun, creative, and gratifying!

I didn’t want to give up the adventurist, wild women part of myself so I have figured out a way to integrate it and be more authentic as a result. 

I have a masters in Counseling and Fine Arts.  I was a family therapist for 20 years. 

After living in New Zealand for 12 years, I now live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband.

We are dual citizens and although my family roots are here in Oregon, New Zealand will always be my soul home as my community there helped me to become who I am today. 

Top two photos  on  Wainui Beach in New Zealand      below – My family at Oregon Coast  

Kaya Tui Beachon Tui Beach

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