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My art is all about promoting personal and planetary healing. I paint soulful people, creatures, pristine places, and Mother Earth majesty.  I love watercolors because of the fluidity and ability to show emotion and beauty in a subtle but deep way.  It’s all about being present and trusting the energies as I paint. I hope my paintings will touch a spirit place in your own soul and help you to heal, be whole, and be a portal for positive change. 

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About Me and My Art Journey

My artistic life began when I was three. I drew constantly as a child and then went to elementary school in the 1950s in Toledo, Ohio where in my school artistic creativity was highly discouraged. 

Luckily there was still some sparks left burning when I went off to college and majored in fine arts at Ohio State University, and graduated with a BFA in ceramics as well as an MA in ceramics and film-making in 1970. I loved clay and I found my spiritual-self during those years of creating pottery, clay sculpture and putting my hands into Mother earth.  I had a pottery business for seven years selling at art fairs and Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon where I live again now. 

One dreary Oregon winter I began painting on clay with bright colored glazes. I loved it immediately and since then I’ve painted tiles, plates, and bowls with all kinds of colorful designs.  Eventually I discovered that I naturally wanted to paint women, their soul messages, emotions,  and true feminine connection to self.  This began my  journey into acrylic painting which coincided with writing my book “Wiser and Wilder.”  My first acrylic painting was the cover of my book.  

Truthfully I always loved watercolors but shied away because I knew it was a challenging medium. Then one day I realized what a limiting thought that was and I never went back. I love painting with watercolors because of the freshness, the texture of the paper, and the magic  that happens in such a simple process. Painting with watercolor is like a meditation for me that goes deeper and deeper. 

This page will continue to evolve and  change and I add new images as I paint them. Come back.  Contact me anytime.

“Embrace both your Wisdom and Wildness, wake up to who you are, and walk your own soulful path”.








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