Kaya Singer: Wiser and Wilder Mentor, 034

me and book 2This is a fun interview with my good friend and colleague, Sallena Pool, interviewing me.   In this episode we mixed it up and Kaya Singer, host of this Podcast and Women Empowerment mentor,  is interviewed about the story behind her new book, “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”  
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Sallena Pool: Collaborator, 033


Sallena Aug 2015 blueSallena Pool was a delightful to interview. Sallena's vibrant career in organizational development has given her opportunities to create, lead, and mentor dozens of small to mid-size enterprises as they evolve their leadership dynamics and collaborative cultures.

Sallena came from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents and grandparents all owned businesses and she received her first paycheck when she was only nine, so in a way, being a business owner was part of her DNA. 

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Mona Das: Super Connector, 032

Mona DasI loved this interview with Mona Das, a passionate entrepreneur. She says her job is to help people buy the house  of their dreams by making it fun to deal with the whole loan process. She's been a lender for eleven years. She says she knows no other lender who runs their business the way she does. She has an amazing team who all use their highest skills. Mona talks about her three Super Powers and discovering what those are, was life changing for her and her business as she re-organized her team so she was only doing those three things. She hires people to do all the other tasks. The beautiful thing is that those people are using their own Super Powers and therefore they love their jobs. Listen to the interview as she explains how to find out what your Super Powers are. 1. Write down 3-5 things you know you are good at and love doing. 2. Ask other people for their feedback about you and what they see in you. 3. Create a word cloud and hang it on your fridge or in your office so you get used to seeing those words. Mona is full of inspiring rules to live by.
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Jocelyn Mozak: Word Press Specialist 031

wordpress-designer-googleJocelyn Mozak was a graduate of Cornell and Stanford in electrical engineering and eventually left her well paid and successful corporate job and began her own web design business.  This story in itself makes this interview captivating. The shift began when she gave birth to her first son and was determined to be a good mom and keep her job. She didn't want to give in to to the inevitable so she tried working half time, working partly at home, and was exhausted doing what felt like two full time jobs at once.
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Joanne McCall: Media Expert and Mentor 030

Headshot, sassyJoanne McCall was fascinating for me to interview as she is one of those people in a unique business that most people don't really understand.

Joanne McCall knows how to capture the attention of top-tier national media. She works mainly with authors and business owners.

She's on a first-name basis with hundreds of the world’s top-rung producers, editors, writers, and journalists, Joanne holds the key to outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Self, More, Investment Business Daily, The View, Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and many others.

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