Everyday I talk to solo business owners who are struggling to get enough clients to help!

What they want is abundance and prosperity in all areas 

But what they have is money stress!

And it’s often a lot worse this time of year when you want to be able to buy gifts for people and the only way is to rack up more credit card debt!

Can you relate?

Once, many years ago when I was most discouraged, a wise sage told me how easy it was to make money.

She said, “It’s just like growing a garden. You plant seeds, water them and then they grow into wealth.”  I looked at her with awe as I had no idea what she was talking about,  but I was determined to learn. 

I get it now and to make it easy I’ll share these three steps so you can grow your own business prosperity garden.

1. Plant seeds. These are all the products and services that you offer that help to your niche clients with their problem. Do you want to have a bigger, more lucrative business? Plant a large variety of seeds. Make sure you pick ones that are likley to multiply. Like any garden, some won’t bloom, but others will be healthy and strong. 

If you’ve been selling an hour of your time for a set hourly price, and this is your only seed, you’ll eventually burn out and you’ll never reach the prosperity you yearn for. Some products you create once and they help thousands of people. Some products involve partnerships with others. Other services involve working for one hour but helping many people at once. There are literally thousands of choices; membership programs, affiliate sales, ebooks, video trainings, home study courses, tele-classes, just to name a few. It’s about figuring out what’s right for your type of garden.

2. Fertilize and water. Nurture your prosperity garden by investing in yourself and making good  decisions. Your garden needs loving care. Hire a bookkeeper, mentor coach, assistant and any other technical help. Being a solo-business owner doesn’t mean doing everything yourself!

It can mean taking the time to do the tasks that are important but not urgent, like creating your marketing plan and following it, doing strategic planning and keeping things in order. It can mean developing new seeds that involve skills you have to learn, overcoming fears and resistances. 

3. Weed your garden. Let go of the products and services that are using up all your energy and not providing enough income. Pull them out by the roots and let go of your attachment to them. 

Weeds will strangle your business if you don’t keep them pulled out. The weeds can also be clutter, poor money management and old habits. They can be your old stories, attitudes and beliefs. In the autumn it’s time to get rid of all these things that no longer serve you. Make a symbolic compost heap and bless it!

If you do all three of these things, your seeds will grow into an abundant garden and you’ll have long-lasting prosperity and provide beautiful help to many, many people.

As my sage mentor told me, ” You know how you plant one tulip bulb in the autumn and in the spring you get multiple flowers blooming?   You can do the same thing with your business. It’s really very simple. ”  Make sense?  Can you share your own story? I’d love to hear it.

One of the first steps in my system is to Find Your Correct Niche. so you can plant the right seeds!