crowdI’ve made the assumption that you want to be successful in  your business and be able to see more clients, make more money and know you are helping people. How to do this is is a really big question.

No two web designers, bookkeepers coaches have the same business plan. There’s many ways to go; a lot of choices in products, programs and types of clientele to name a few.

All these decisions effect your marketing decisions. Vision and marketing are symbiotic in a way and without knowing your vision,  you can’t make an intelligent decision around how to market yourself. My clients ask me how Twitter or Facebook will help their business.  It can seem like a big waste of time, but in fact, it could be excellent if you know what  you are wanting to accomplish. Once you know that, you will know how to use these tools  as marketing tools.

They are only tools and like any tool it can be a waste of time if you don’t have a clear focus of what you want to accomplish. So the first thing is to get crystal clear about how you want to grow your business, and then from that place look at the tools that can support your success and the best way to use them.

7 Steps for Building an Impeccable Marketing Plan