The most important and essential trait of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to face problems.  You might think, “well, this doesn’t sound like much fun.”  You’re right. Dealing with problems is not much fun but there isn’t a day goes by that there aren’t multiple issues to deal with and problems to overcome.  It’s part of being a business owner.

653688_blog1My business has been like a full-time professional growth seminar. I am forced to look at my fears and insecurities everyday and face the demons inside. It would be so much easier to just have a job and collect a pay check, however we are a different stock of people. We thrive on the challenge of solving problems. A really successful entrepreneur says, “Bring them on!”

When a particularly hard problem comes up sometimes it can feel like just too much to deal with. Money stress is my biggest demon. I can handle everything else much easier. When that one hits I feel like I’m being pulled into a vortex and can lose my equilibrium.  There are actually three choices when faced with this level of challenge.

1. You can quit. No one says you have to stay in business. You have free choice to sell out or close up shop and get a job.

2. Climb in bed and pull down the shades.  Do nothing and avoid the issue. Not a great choice but we all do this every so often.

3. Take action and do whatever it takes to face the challenge, overcome the problem and be the success you are meant to be.

Remembering these three choices makes it easier. My committment is to choose number three and do whatever it takes, get up, make a plan and overcoming whatever obstacle seems to be in my way.