297952_blogI groaned years ago in my first business ,when my marketing mentor told me that in order to build my business it would require four to five hours per day of marketing.

I was shocked because I needed to have cash flow and marketing felt like I was just giving my time away.

At that time I didn’t understand how it worked and didn’t really get that marketing was all about giving value to potential customers so they would see the benefit of my services and build a relationship with me.

I attended a networking group recently and met a man who was a carpenter and said his specialty was floors. I excitedly asked him if he could tell me a way to mend a scratch in my pergot flooring. His response “floored” me. He said, ” Yes I know how to do that but that’s what people pay me for so if you hire me to come out I’ll gladly have a look.”  I felt embarrassed and couldn’t get farther away from him.  I was a potential customer and he virtually pushed me away.

So remember, marketing is all about giving. The more generous you are the more you build your relationships and people want to work with you.  Find ways you can offer help, give advice  or  impart information. Stinginess  doesn’t build trust and doesn’t make people feel warm and comfy with you. When you willingly give, people want to give back. It’s human nature.