Did you know that virtually all successful service-based business owners have a strong, clear, niche focus?

When you go to their websites you are not confused. It is very clear what their message is and who it is directed to.There is no ambiguity.

Even if you’re not looking for what is being offered, the clarity of the message is powerful. You are able to see this person as an expert. There is no confusion.

This is how it needs to be if you are marketing a service. People need to feel like you are the specialist.

My very first website I wasn’t so clear. I attempted to market to more than one group. It’s like attempting to throw a dart at multiple targets. Even the dart will be confused.

When people are confused they go away. I know I do. I won’t pay money for something over $20 unless I am 100% convinced. 

You want your potential clients to:

• Feel you are speaking directly to them.
• Get the exact help they are looking for.
• Trust that you can help them with their problem.

It takes guts to name your niche and really go for it. It means you are saying YES and focusing your energy totally in that direction. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?  Sometimes fear and self-doubt get in the way.

Those people who are wildly successful have learned to get past the fear and jump in with both feet. When you do that it’s way easier to create programs that will truly help your clients. They’ll see you as the expert you are, and it’s a win-win.

If you are ready to jump in 100% but are not sure of who your niche is? Please join me in the Find Your Niche 3 week class. It will help get that clear focus you want.

Have a look at  your website through the eyes of a new visitor.  Is it crystal clear who you are speaking to?