How to Not Lose a Client

t got me thinking about the way I relate to my potential clients and how I can learn from this experience. Whatever you're teaching, the trick is to know who you're communicating to and where they are on the learning scale. If you neglect to figure this out, you will lose them for sure.

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What exactly is your “core marketing message,” and what makes it so important?

One foundation piece involves developing a strong core marketing message and to know your niche clients inside and out. It doesn't work well to only know them, sort of. Sort of doesn't pay the bills. However, there is a process to figuring this out and it is important to stick with it until you get that gut feeling that you've nailed it.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

Just when I thought I had it all sussed and could also help my clients with with Facebook, blogging etc., now Google is coming out with a new program, “Google + Project.” I groaned when I saw this because I want it simple! The real issue here is the challenge of staying current and also not spending all of your time online doing marketing.

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