Confessions From an Overloaded Entrepreneur

I had an experience recently of feeling like I had taken on way too much and had too many deadlines. All the stuff I was trying to do was important to my business development but things started to fall through the cracks. I felt like I was trying to outrun a train. What I realized is that I had jumped into developing three new arms of my business, and each one, filled with new issues, was a stretch.

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Tips to Write Good Facebook Posts

Almost overnight Facebook has changed the whole way we communicate and connect with our community. It has become even more crucial that you really know what are doing in your marketing activities because if you don't, you could find yourself spending hours on Facebook and not much to show for it.

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Asking the Right Question

When asked what you want, it's easy to state your dreams of more money, more clients and a freer lifestyle. That question is not so difficult to answer in general. It can be harder to be more specific and say exactly how much money, where it will come from and how many more clients. The best question to ask is, "What is holding you back?" What is going on inside of yourself that keeps you stuck in your familiar habits or ways of being?

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