When I began working with Kaya a few years back, the first thing she had me do was to identify my ideal client; What needs did they have and how could I fill them.

I decided that I wanted to work with small business owners who had an existing website that they had outgrown. The site they were once so proud of had become an embarrassment, out-dated and out of step with their business.

Well, I started my business, created my own website and life marched along just fine, until the day I realized that I didn’t want to hand out my business card for fear someone might actually go to my website. And then it hit me, I had become my own ideal client. I needed a new site. The time had come.

So I began embarking on the path I take my clients on; determining the style of sites I like, how my content should be presented and figuring out if my marketing message needed an upgrade as well.

However, I soon learned that while I had easily led many clients on this journey, it was far more fun to be the service provider than the client who needs to commit to the final decisions. The shoe was definitely on the other foot! 

Now I’d love to tell you that everything instantly fell into place. That would be a lie. 

The first graphic designer I hired came recommended to me by a colleague.   However, while amazing in quality, their portfolio never really spoken to me. Yet I decided to give them a try.  The result: the design while nice, did not capture my essence.

That said, all was not lost, for their work created a valuable stepping stone. The design was far better then my existing site; I was moving the right direction.

Time continued to march on and one day i was introduced me to yet another graphic designer. I took a look at her work and immediately felt a connection. That was the energy I was looking for!

I knew in an instant that she was the right designer for me. I hired her and was nothing short of thrilled with the results. I felt like she got me. I suspect it was because I also got her. We had a similar style.

What did I learn?  Make sure you choose to work with someone  where the whole style speaks to you. 

Now, months later, like my clients, I not only survived this journey but have flourished. I have a website I am proud of and energized by, and I have a better appreciation for how my clients feel.

This understanding has been the best part of becoming my own “Ideal Client”.

As a service provider your “service” is only half of what you offer. The other half is how you support your clients through the process. 

There is nothing like walking in your client’s shoes to better understand how it feels. 

How have you been your own ideal client? How has it helped you in your business?


Jocelyn Mozak, of Mozak Design,  specializes is small business WordPress websites.  She is also the author of the eBook: “5 Steps For Getting Your Website OFF Your To-Do List”.   Jocelyn is unique in that she offers a refreshing blend of heartfelt support and high technical ability. I am convinced that there is no coding problem she can’t solve:) I don’t know what I would do without her on my team!