Welcome to my very first blog posting. As a small business owner I have been aware of blogging for quite awhile and thought, “cool, I’ll do this eventually.” Its important to let you all know that I grew up in the generation where TVs were a new thing and I wrote all my college papers on a small portable typewriter using white-out for editing. But the computer internet world has been amazing for someone like me who thrives on communication. I love it. This doesn’t mean that I understand it. I barely get it conceptually but I can can follow directions sort of. Eventually became overdue as I felt I was being left in the dust.
Small business is all about relationships and bogging is all about relating, sharing, and trading information. So I decided to walk my own talk and a few months ago I made a commitment in my mastermind group to get my blog site up by the end of August. I am just about getting in under the wire. I would love to hear from all of you about your own business goals and how you keep yourself on track.