Wayne and Kaya 1993I’ve been reading “For Better of Worse” comics collection by  Lynn Johnson.  She is one of my favorites writers of this genre.

There was a story about April as a teenager and it reminded me a bit of high school with all our hormones in full swing!

All those cute guys everywhere were really leads  or “potential boyfriends.”  

The way it worked is that the more attractive you were to them, the more they’d hang around you.  Not that I actually had swarms of guys ever hanging around me- but you get the idea. 

I wished for it and there were a few!  Some leads actually turned into the real thing- going out on a date or a kiss in the parking lot. 

What a painful time trying to figure out that attraction secret. 

I had the feeling that there was a golden key or some important piece of knowledge that everyone else had about how to attract guys!

Fast forward about 25 years and there I was trying to get more clients in my first business. I remember being over the moon when I got one new client. 

It meant that I could actually do the work I loved to do. It also meant that I had some money coming in and it made me feel a little bit more worthy. 

However, the glow would wear off eventually and then there was the wondering where the next client would come from.

Like high school, There are lots of people out there and some are potential clients or leads.

I had no idea how to be attractive to them. I just tried things.

I remember thinking that all I had to do was advertise my business in the right newspaper or magazine and people would see it and call me. This rarely  (if ever) happened.  I can only laugh about this now that I see that it was a way to avoid going out and being in front of people and being rejected.

Ironically, even though this strategy rarely works for bringing in new clients, it is the way I met my husband- through a personals ad!  He wrote the ad and I answered it. Are you laughing?  We just celebrated our 20 year anniversary! (photo above 1993)

Ok- so there’s no right or wrong way to generate leads but there is a system that will make it much more likely to bring you swarms of good leads for your business.  

There are simply certain things that work and that you can control.

Some of those leads will eventually turn into clients. 

So you can imagine how much I celebrated when I was given that key, and I opened the door to understanding lead generation and how to create a wild demand for your service.  

Early on, I didn’t get it that leads were only people who were interested in me. Of course it meant I had to know who I was… ah..ha, always a catch.

Now another 20 years have passed and I can’t help you erase the pain from your past high school romance days,  but I can help you to know the system to creating that demand and bringing in a lot more leads. ( Remember, some of those leads turn into paying clients)

I am doing a free training  on Thursday 20th on this very subject!
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