I have certain mantras I say to my clients over and over. One of them is, Figure out where your niche clients hang out and then go there!

However once you are there, it makes a huge difference what you actually do.

Most people think it’s all about promoting themselves, telling people how great they are, asking people to sign-up, buy, or come to their event. 

Not only does this not work so well to attract more clients, you probably hate promoting yourself this way.

Even self-confident people don’t actually like self-promotion. It feels icky. You know you are meant to nurture real relationships and it feels out of integrity to so blatantly talk about yourself.

You think that this approach is part of what you need to do to get your business going but under your breath you grumble about how much you really don’t like selling! 

Actually this is part of the problem. You are going through the motions of selling when no one has asked, self-selected and shown any interest. It is out of sync. Of course it doesn’t feel good.

Selling is actually a part of marketing but it comes much later in the process- after someone has chosen and asked. Once someone asks, it is a whole new ballgame because then you are helping them to get the support they say they want.

There is a seven-step process in marketing, and selling is way down on number six. When you go to social networking sites or local groups you need to be focused way at the beginning of the process in step one. This has to do with building empathy with them. So in a way, instead of promoting yourself, you need to promote them.

Here are a few suggestions as an alternative to self-promotion.

1. Talk about your niche client and what they want.
2. Talk about how they feel, their issue and how it impacts them.
3. Write blog posts offering them real value.
4. Offer tips that give help to their issue.
5. Give an example or story about a client.
6. Re-post other people’s articles that help your clients.
7. Make educational videos that offer free help to them.

Keep promoting your clients. It is all about them and not about you!

This will feel so much better because you are helping them and focusing on them. No one has trouble doing that.

Of course, first you need to know who they are and really understand their problem and issues.

If you need help with that part, check out Niche360. It explains how niche marketing works and how it will make it super easy to let go of self-promotions, and instead to promote your clients!

Do you know who your niche clients are?
Do  you  know what they want?
Do you know how to help them?