41mICBgyojL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_I just finished reading “Dead Rita’s Wisdom” for the second time.  This juicy book was written by my friend,  Vicky Trabosh and it’s all about what she learned about life, from her mother, Rita. 

Last night I was blessed to have Vicky  facilitate a wisdom circle with one of my mastermind groups.

I wondered what it would have been like to have had that kind of mother who imparted wisdom that I could later write about! Don’t get me wrong. My mother loved me and she was a good person, but because of her own issues she was just unavailable emotionally. In fact, I would go to say that she barely knew me in the really deep sense. 

I have no hard feelings about that and I was blessed to have her love and care.  But I wondered what it would be like to have a mother like Rita was; full of wisdom.  

To be honest, some of Rita’s wisdom came through her, but not from her. It was filtered through Vicky’s experience and learning the hard way as children do.

It got me thinking and wondering if my child was to write a book about wisdom he gained from me, what would he say?  

So much of your wisdom is from other people’s experience with you. Often you just don’t see it in yourself. 

One goal of the mastermind group is to help each person to see their own wisdom, regardless where it comes from,  and to own it and share it with the world.  Here are a few of the wisdom pieces that came through last night from our process together. 

Read them and see which ones touch you!

Entitlement- everyone is entitled to be fully alive regardless of  anything that’s happened!  It’s time for you to own your entitlement, stand up, be a leader, and fully get that you have wisdom other people need! 

Spot light – If you keep avoiding being in the spot light, you won’t ever be fully seen. You are you and if you hide from the light, you are hiding your whole being, not just the pieces you are afraid to show. So, stand right in the center of the light and let yourself be fully seen, no holds barred. 

Consider the Source- Whatever words you hear, it’s important to consider the source. Do you trust that person as someone to listen to?  Listen to your own wisdom and decide the truth. Even more important, be a source that people can trust. When you speak people will listen to you because they will trust you!

Take Your Art to the World- Your art is your offering to the world. It’s what you are meant to be creating and giving. Whatever your art is, the world is ready for it. Your self-doubt is just that, and ok to acknowledge it, but not a place to make decisions from. 

Honor yourself and put in that last puzzle piece.  When you place that last piece in your life puzzle there is a sense of aha, you have a arrived! If you are having trouble fitting that last piece into the space it might be that you haven’t fully made the decision, so it isn’t aligned. Once you make the decision it will happen magically.

Follow your spirit- Spirit is that something that’s bigger than yourself.  Acknowledge it and let it guide you  in the way you touch each person you help.  This is a gift and an inner knowing you carry with you all the time. 

Lean on someone- Maybe you are always helping others and not accepting support for yourself. If you don’t find people who you can lean on, you will stay stuck inside yourself. Sometimes the wisdom from other people who you trust is exactly what you need in order to move forward. What a relief to know you don’t have to do it all yourself. 

You need to read the book to get all the juicy wisdom points. You can read it in one afternoon and keep a box of tissues nearby. 

You also might be thinking, “Wow, I’d love to be in a mastermind group like this!” I had no idea this existed. 

Good news!  I will be starting a new one in January so check it out!  It doesn’t matter where you live as we will be meeting virtually!

Wise Woman Entrepreneur Mastermind Group