The world is waiting for you to become that more evolved version of yourself,  to make a difference, and BE who you are meant to be.


Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

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Hi Visionary Women

You each have your purpose and your mission, and you are ready to walk your soulful path and manifest your vision.

My message is not about what you need to do. 

My core focus is about BEINGness which means being who you are authentically, in your real circle, in a balanced and actualized way, with your strong voice, and willing to face the unhealed parts of yourself that hold you back.

This book is for you who have your purpose and your mission, and you are ready to walk your soulful path and manifest your vision.

When you look at my Wiser and Wilder Mandala below, you will see a step-by-step program for you to develop that person who can stand in her own footprints.

The activity at the end of each chapter allows you to follow your own soulful path.

fNUOUdw_bO5uIkEyS3hyV_f46Bq4_G3cJcB3dIXxpYwFrom a place of standing in a mindful place and connecting with your own wisdom and wildness, the clouds part and the light of your own inner knowing shows up, along with the support of your real mentors; your Wise and Wild Woman, and  people who will walk that path with you and keep you from getting lost in the woods and forgetting your way.



About the Author

Kaya 2

Kaya Singer is a Wise Woman entrepreneur, mentor, artist, and writer. Having never fit into a traditional business box, Kaya’s been self-employed for over 40 years, beginning with her first business selling pottery on orange crates.

Her wisdom touches thousands of women through mentoring, women’s gatherings and personal growth retreats, in both the United States and New Zealand, where she lived for 12 years. She has a BFA in Fine Arts  from Ohio State University and an MS in counseling from the University of Oregon. Kaya’s mission is to support visionary women to wake up, stop hiding and invest in themselves so they can reach their true potential and make a bigger difference in the world. She knows that it’s time for women to show up!

Now growing into her Crone wisdom years, she’s come full circle and is has integrated her art and coaching business into one. When not working with clients, she paints in the studio she shares with her husband Wayne, plays with clay, dances to 60s music or spends time out in the forest or at the ocean in Oregon. She loves pure nature and this is where her Wild Woman thrives and reconnects to Mother Earth.

Chapter Summaries




Here is glimpse of what you will find inside Wiser and Wilder.  

At the end of each chapter is an activity to take you deeper into your own process.


Receive help with stepping into these tools more fully with Kaya’s  Wiser and Wilder mentoring.


Chapter 1:  A Woman’s Way

Your Wise Woman’s roots are firmly planted in the Woman’s Way and encourages you to listen to your soul and make all decisions from that wholistic, intuitive and connective place that you own as a visionary woman. Activity: Your Women’s Way Mandala

Chapter e flower
Chapter 2: Back to Your Roots

With your Wise Woman support, you will be able to open your voice and tune into your unique song that belongs to no one else. This is your own expression and contribution. Are you ready to express this part of yourself and really go for it? Activity: Inviting Your Wise and Wild Woman

Chapter 3 circle
Chapter 3: Circle Power

Surrounding yourself with circle energy will help you to stay embedded in the values that support you. The important thing is to get out of any box you are in and find a circle to move to. Activity: Your Visionary Circle

Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Your Success Portal

When your visionary and entrepreneurial circles come together, there is an energy that is more powerful than each of them separately and that magic word synergy happens. Activity: Create Your Own Success Portal

Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Soulful Community

Your next step is to nurture the three layers of your community: your soul partner, your golden team and your supportive people. In a garden, plants thrive when they are in groups. One lonely plant has less chances of doing well. Your business has to be larger than just you. Activity: Your Community Circle

Ch. 6
Chapter 6: Breaking Free

This section is about calling your soul back and rescuing your Wild Woman from wherever she has been left. In order to move forward, you need her as an ally. When you find your Wild Woman, you will see that she offers both soul wisdom and practical wisdom. You need both. Activity: Creating Your Wisdom World

Chapter 7 Money tree
Chapter 7: Being Money Wise

This chapter is about facing your money story,  your money wounds and change into an abundant woman who can help thousands of people instead of only a handful. Activity: Your Money House

Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Seasons and Cycles

Your fertility path and the moon defines your developmental stages of Maiden, Mother and Crone. Understanding these stages provides a way for you to accept who you are and how that characterizes the way you stand as a visionary entrepreneur. Activity: Triple Moon Wisdom

Chapter 9 Mentor
Chapter 9: Crone Medicine

Crone is the one who will change the world to a better place. Her visions embody all of your visions and she has the capacity to hold it all and be juicy, crazy, wild, ugly and powerful as the moment demands. Activity: Ask Your Inner Crone, Elder, Wise Woman

Chapter 10: Wiser and Wilder

Sharing the soulful path has been my contribution to the tribe of women, who like me, know you are a here as a conduit for the seeds you are meant to plant in the world during this lifetime. You want your footsteps to make a difference. You too are part of the line of sisters, mothers and grandmothers who have a vision, and your gift will touch other women and the world in ways you can only imagine.


“Wiser and Wilder” by Kaya Singer is a book that will tap you on the shoulder, inviting you to go deep into your heart and soul.  Being a woman in business is very different experience from what many of us expect.  Kaya shares a vision of doing business, and life, in a round, whole, integrated, and uniquely feminine way.  The information on the three stages of life and business should be required reading for every woman who wants to make a difference and a living.

Lynne Klippel Best-Selling Author of Overcomers, Inc.

It is such a fun pleasure as I enjoyed this book by Kaya Singer: what better way to be guided into ones greatness. Kaya’s journey along with information not far from being Shamanic enriched is very empowering.  The Wiser & Wilder takes us back to our roots as women, back to who we truly are before we felt dis-empowered.  A great book to grow from.

Mia Saenz, Editor-in-Chief, BellaMia Magazine

I'm so excited for you to read my book, stand with me in your power, grow your vision, open your voice, and joyfully make a difference in the world!  So much love to you. 

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