I had one of those amazing aha moments this morning.

I decided to compile a list of the 20 things that seem to hold women back from being wildly successful at running their business.

I started writing and then realized I had already done this research without realizing it! Every  one of  my new clients fills out a slew of questions before our first session.

Two of those questions are, “What obstacles do you want and need to overcome?” and ” What holds you back from being the best you can be?”

I re-read the answers given to me by thirty amazing women during this past year. These women are all highly skilled professionals, have advanced degrees, years of experience and experts in my opinion. They have written books, have taught, facilitated, helped people and more.

They each have started their own brick and mortar service based business. These are not your average women and yet their responses were consistent.

I am going to share the list of what they said in their own words. Many women used the exact same words!

What obstacles do you want and need to overcome?  What holds you back from being the best you can be?

Here is what they shared:

1.  Self-doubt.
2.  Lack of confidence, feeling incompetent.
3.  Perfectionism, fear of not getting it right.
4.  Lack of discipline and focus.
5.  Self-sabotage.
6.  Not changing when need to.
7.  Stuck in old habits.
8.  Fear of being taken advantage of.
9.  One foot in, one foot out mentality.
10. Not seeing myself as the expert.
11. Lack of follow-through.
12. Not believing I can be successful really.
13. Unsupportive husband.
14. Need to re-discover my voice.
15. Fear of failure.
16. Overwhelmed and anxious.
17. Setting boundaries around my time.
18. Feeling disempowered.
19. Fear of being bigger- vision too small.
20. Feeling not good enough to work with high end clients.

Can you relate to anything on this list? Awareness and insight are the first steps and then the next steps are to get support, implement new tools and learn to operate from new stronger beliefs.

Your own list will likely be much shorter and more specific as this is everyone’s list put together.

Each one of these women had the awareness to see that it is their own emotions, beliefs and self-concepts that are holding them back and said, “Yes, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get past being ruled by this list.”

These women are all successful, but it is like trying to sew with blunt needles and cut the grass with dull blades. The work gets done but with a huge disability and at a huge cost.

In order to be a leader of your own business and make empowered decisions, imagine what your business would be like and what kind of leader you would be if you could transform each thing on your list.

If this is what you want, join with a powerful group of other women entrepreneurs who want the same thing. It is phenomenal what women can accomplish together!

The Unleash Your Visionary Leader Mastermind Group for Women Entrepreneurs begins in February. There are still spaces but it is filling fast!

If you have already registered, send this link to a few other powerful women who would benefit and  please tell them!

I am growing this list so please add things that are missing!  I so appreciate your comments.