You know who you are and what makes you tick! 

You are a unique being with full life experiences that have helped you to get where you kaya42are now! 

Most likely there’s a mission you have, something you want to teach, share, and initiate. This has become important to you and you not only want to shine and be successful, you also want to make a difference and be able to use your wisdom in the highest way possible.


You began your business like most solo entrepreneurs, looking for the steps to making money while still being true to your passion.


Your unique wisdom comes from deep into your roots, your ancient knowing of what your mission and you are meant to bring to the world.

Of course you want to make money and have the freedoms that come with it. There are steps to making this happen.

It means you not only have to know your deep wisdom, but you also have to step fully into translating this into your marketing and your business as a whole.


Here are twelve important gifts you can use right now to help you focus and be more of your authentic self.  Just fill in the form and it’s yours in a second!


These are all things you can step into right now!  I can’t wait to hear which ones spoke to you the most and why. 







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