10 leather purses in stack. Isolated on white backgroundDo you ever feel confused by the overwhelming number of choices you can make in any one moment, day or week?  

This is the plague of the solopreneur!

Where to put your energy?
What to focus on?
Whats the best use of your time?

Here are a few tools that might help you be more empowered!

Thanks to Andrea Lee for the first two!

1.  “Hell Yes, Hell No, Maybe”

 It is so simple and yet can really help get things in perspective very quickly!

Make three columns on your paper.

“Hell yes” are the ideas that are a clear yes and they get gold stars!

“Hell no” are just ideas that you have thought about for awhile because you think you  “should” do them but they feel yucky and or not a good fit. These ideas get crossed off and thrown out immediately. Gone!

Maybe” are ideas to put to the side to let them percolate for only  a very short while. However, if they don’t move to the “Hell Yes” category they also need to be thrown out.

2.  “Too little,  Enough, Too Much”

This is an especially good tool for assessing how you can move your energy for more productivity.

For the next few days just gently review the parts of your business and think about these three categories and where you feel not enough, too much or  just enough.

Where does it feel you have too little of something?
What are you doing too much of?
What parts feel they are in the perfect “just enough” place?

Make three lists of your business areas and activities under these three headings.  Look at the “Too little” category and jot down some ways to get that to move to the “Enough” list.  Look at the “Too much” category and write down some ways to decrease so they can also move to the “Enough” section. 

Notice if it’s easier for you to increase or decrease.  Good awareness!

3. Smiling White Board 

I created this tool for myself and it continues to help me stay on track, focused and helps me acknowledge what I’ve accomplished.

I have a large white board in front of my desk. I draw a smiling face on it every day before I quit work and  write down three things I absolutely want to accomplish the next day. These are things to do in between client meetings. 

As I go through my day and want to get pulled off course I make sure I complete these three things no matter what.  

It gives me a good feeling every time I can erase one off the list. At the end of the day when all three are gone I smile back at my happy face, draw a new one,  and then add the three for tomorrow.  

I can leave work peacefully knowing I don’t have to think about the next day. It also allows me to bring some creativity and fun into my work!

Which of these three ideas resonate with  you?
Are you ready to be less overwhelmed and more focused?