Visionary women, you want to crystalize the next steps on your life path, be aligned with your soul’s purpose, open your voice and make a difference.

Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat
September 28-October 1st
Beautiful Oregon Coast

 Like many of you, I was unsure of my path after the pandemic hit. I focused on learning watercolor painting which fed my heart and soul and just let go of women’s retreats as no one was going anywhere!

But when the pandemic finally ended, women like you were yearning to dance on the beach again, be in women’s community, and to find new intuitive clarity on your soulful path.

I listened, meditated and felt the calling too. I decide to offer a women’s creative retreat again and in a this very special spot in Yachats. 

My past retreats were always all about women’s empowerment but this retreat needed include Mother Earth. Your soulful purpose here on Earth is part of what the Earth needs to be whole. Together we will unfold the mystery.

I also had to stand strong in my new self, so I did my own retreat with Mama Ocean and realized I would never do this retreat alone again. I am a firm believer of sharing energy and the spirit of the March retreat is with me- all these beautiful women.

But YOU are the most important part of the next piece; what you bring and what energies you channel while standing on those rocks overlooking the ocean in Yachats, a highly magical spot.

Find your creative muse through art, ritual, and creativity. 

A 4-day hands-on workshop for you to connect to your Wild Woman and Mother Earth and to expand your insight and inner knowing.

 If you feel blocked or just unclear its time to  wake up your intuition and shift! 

•  Discover new aha moments around your life purpose or direction.
•  Grow in empowerment in all ways!
•  Let go of the grief and fear that lives on our planet and smothers you. There is an alternative!
•  Allow the pristine nature on Earth to raise your vibration and help you connect to your soul purpose.

The holistic mixture of art, nature, and ritual will allow you to connect to your own wisdom and broaden your insight.

• Ritual brings in invisible support and wisdom of Mother Nature.
• Intuitive Art opens your inner sight and allows you to view your whole life through an expansive lens.
• The Ocean Goddess helps you grow and channel inner strength and soulful knowing from Earth’s Magic.



There was something that opened inside of me when I went to this Art and Soul Retreat.  I found my joy again! I discovered art and creativity as a way to reach new perspectives on how to approach life and dive deep within my soul.

I would absolutely go to any of her events. She just has a way of opening you up in the most gentle and fun ways.
 ~Wiesje Brion,


As a visionary and an artist I know that I need to be in  the right environment for these things to happen.


I attended the Wild Woman Art and Soul retreat and the best part was the art. I had not spent that much time playing and being creative. The insight I gained was so deep, I was able to process some things that I had been working on. When I arrived I was greeted by some lovely women who said to me, “We have been waiting for you, so glad you are here!” It exceeded my expectations in every way. It was the best weekend I have ever had. I grew in ways I had not expected. Sharing meals and love with these women was truly a gift. I felt so close to all the other women in the group ~Marianne Wilson Stein,

What will we do together

•  Guided soulful  processes to communicate with your spirit guides.
•  Intuitive watercolor painting, drawing, writing, music, movement, nature art, symbols, modeling clay, rock painting and more!
•  Heart-centered women’s community and circle where magic happens.
•  Creative playtime and ritual on the beach
•  Rituals for creative empowerment
•  Surprise magic happenings

We will have times of total silence while creating and alone time too. It will be a real retreat in that you will decide your own rhythms and when you want to be with people or not. 

Each one of you will bring your own energies and there will be space for you to share your gifts whether it be art, music, dance or ? You are amazing and part of the circle. 


Once you register you will receive more information about what you need to bring and how to prepare.

I know it will be a fun weekend and filled with so much creative energy, rituals, insight, intuition, healing, color, waves, and of course your Wise and Wild Woman with you. Nothing better than a group of amazing women!!

Are You Ready to awaken, express and create from your inner wildness?

Location:  The Teahouse, Yachats Inn

Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat will begin on Thursday September 28th -3PM with our first catered dinner at 5:30 and the official opening circle 6:30. 
Retreat will end on Sunday October 1st  early afternoon after closing ritual. Plan to stay until the very end!

What is included in your payment?

• Facilitation and energy holding by Kaya and her team.

• An absolutely beautiful retreat space called the TeaHouse. It overlooks and only a few steps from the ocean.

•  Five Healthy catered meals beginning Thursday dinner.
(all food sensitivities will be honored) Really good food by  local caterer who is amazing!

•  Art and Soul creative booklet made just for this retreat.

•  Art and creative supplies

•  Yummy snacks, coffee, and tea

Once you register you will be taken to a thank you page with more information and a questionnaire about food preferences etc.

Accommodation is NOT included in price but the lovely suites (click for photos) are being held for our group until August 15th.  Each unit has one Queen bedroom and a fairly new sofa sleeper in living room plus a tiny kitchen. There are also decks with ocean views and wifi. They are only steps from the Teahouse so easy to go back and forth.

Once you register you will need to contact Yachats Inn yourself to reserve your space. You can stay alone (a real retreat), or share with a friend, or be asked to be put in with someone. More info about this once you have registered.  The sooner you register the best ocean view location choice you will get. Rates are $120 – 180 depending on which room you want. The lower price rooms are in the older section, but closer to the ocean. Only a few of those have wifi.

There is an indoor pool and hot tub overlooking the ocean.  Bring your swim suit!

Does this all sound wonderful and you want to be a part of it?

This event is the culmination of  years of offering sizzling retreats, programs, and more both here and in New Zealand.  I feel blessed to be using this awesome space with a beautiful view and want this to be a real retreat for you!

Update!  The retreat is now full but let me know if you wish to be on the waiting list in case there is a last minute cancellation.


Also fill out the form below to be on my list for future events.


Liz  will be with us in September and will be assisting me and sharing her beautiful energy! She is a natural leader.

We are all about:

Mother Earth

Find out about our future retreats:



More words from Kaya Singer 

All my life I have been the happiest while in pure nature, old growth trees and wild ocean beaches. This is where my Wild Woman lives and where I can connect with her the easiest.

My life work has been centered around women’s empowerment from early on. Helping women to heal, open their voices and grow in confidence.

For 12 years I lived in New Zealand and was part of an intentional community where we put on women’s gatherings every year. Those experiences helped me to become who I am now. 

Writing my book, “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path For Visionary Women Entrepreneurs,” brought me right back to the art I had left behind while focusing on growing my mentoring business.  When I painted the cover of the book I saw my own soulful path and began walking it one step at a time. I’ve been a painter since then. The women, animals, and flowers I paint talk to me. I get messages and guidance while walking in the forest. 

I was told to offer Art and Soul retreats and I feel deeply blessed by each of you who are making the choice to stand and walk with me.  


This could be you.

Commune with Mother Nature

     Wild Woman

Ocean tides
and find your true center. 


Photo from March 2023 retreat is a serious thing

just to be alive
 on this fresh morning 
in the broken world.

  ~Mary Oliver


Cancellation policy