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Awakening Intuition

I awoke from a deep night’s sleep and remembered part of a dream. I wondered if  was awake or asleep but I started to feel clearer- as though a mist lifted. And I sat down and wrote furiously as thought I would forget if I didn’t get it my thoughts on paper.


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Leah Jorgensen: Wise and Wild Wine Maker, 039

Leah Jorgensen is owner and winemaker for Leah Jørgensen Cellars, a wine company dedicated to creating distinctive wines with an appreciation for French Loire Valley style.

Leah grew up with an Italian mom, and that had an influence on how she saw the world. She has early memories of being around the table with a lot of  great food and sharing of wine, and what it meant culturally to her family.

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Marcia Chadly: Creative Connection Guide, 038

Marcia Chadly is the co-founder of the Creative Life Center in Westminster, Colorado. In this interview Marcia shares her story of how she moved out of the engineering field into a whole new way of  being that allowed her to express her passion and develop what her soul was calling for.  She originally wanted a job that would pay her well and allow her to support her kids and have the freedom she wanted.   Eventually she changed inside and her work needed to change too. Although she loved being a creator of community, teaching soul collage and other contemplative art processes, she realized she needed to learn more about how to run a business.
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Lori Park: Wild Woman De-clutterer, 037


Lori Park has been though the fire in her own way and completely transformed herself as part of the process.  

It was during her work of feng shui, elemental space clearing and clutter clearing when Lori realized that the clutter comes from deeply within oneself.

Raised in Western Montana in the Bitterroot Valley, Lori grew up playing along the river banks. Gooey mud, craw daddies, garter snakes and cow pies were her childhood toys.

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Barbara Techel: Creative Guide and Soul Whisperer, 036


Barbara Techel gently  guides women to creatively tap into their intuition and to connect with their True Self to live a more meaningful life. As an author and SoulCollage® & workshop facilitator, she enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to  listen deeply and capture what it is that matters most.

Most women will relate to Barbara's story of being afraid to be who they really are. When she was younger she chose to hide rather than face other people's judgments or non-acceptance. She shared how exhausting it was to try to wear all those masks.

It was in 2006 that Barbara's dachshund Frankie became paralyzed and that ultimately lead to profoundly changing Barbara's life forever. The little red dog who rolled through life in a wheelchair helped Barbara to overcome shyness, let go of worrying what others thought and find the courage to stand tall in who she is.

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