Seminar in a workbook

7 Simple Steps to Empower Your Solo Business and Bring You
 Money and Freedom

You know you can help people and make a difference, but you need to get the business part!


This is easy workbook with simple tools on how to change your mind-set, develop your core marketing message, increase  your cash-flow and more.


I have worked with thousands of people just like you who are smart, want to help people and yet need focus on how to make their business work!

I searched for business help that made sense to me.


I wanted simple help, and instead, all the books felt too complicated and  made me feel even more confused.  I created my own  processes to help me visualize and develop strategies for growing from zero upward.

Clear Your Focus, Grow Your Business. It is a workbook; a seminar you can do one step at a time in your own time and space.


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[quote]I have been reading through your book, and have answered every question. This is the best business “how-to” I’ve ever read! While you ask very difficult, challenging questions, you have a wonderful way of reassuring the reader to move forward. So far, I have 11 pages of handwritten notes. Working through the vision section was very empowering!

~Diane Plesset,[/quote]

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Shift your focus, transform  your business.

Here’s what I’ve learned after starting six different businesses over thirty years: Getting started – that’s the easy part. Sustaining it – that’s hard work, no matter what you are selling.


This workbook will give you a step-by-step  focused process for building a sustainable business that will…

  • Help you to see past your blind spots.
  • Give you real tools to succeed!
  • Overcome your self-doubt.
  • Allow you to help more people.
  • Give you a solid road map to follow.


[quote type=”center”]I was feeling weighed down with a segment of my business. I needed to develop a fresh business mind-set. The processes and exercises in this book, kept me mindful and productive helping me evaluate what was working, what was not, and most importantly, what did I enjoy and want to pursue. With the shifting and change of my focus, my company is thriving by increasing my income by 100% first quarter of 2008. Kaya’s processes have staying power. They continue to be a part of my business review and planning.

~Judy Heller[/quote]

[quote]I was searching for tools to increase my effectiveness in my small business.  Her simple but ingenious solutions are easy to do and  they helped me to move past mental blocks and obstacles that were holding me back. I realized the benefits immediately. I highly recommend this book for any small business owner who wants to get tools that work and a fresh perspective on their business.

~Laurie Daven, Financial Advisor[/quote]

[quote type=”center”]There were blocks  in my business that I wasn’t aware of and Kaya’s kinesthetic approach and empowering pie charts helped me brainstorm all the possibilities of my company. I had never actually put any of these ideas down on paper, so that, in and of itself, was gratifying.

The beauty of it was going through the processes that are all in this book, and making my ideas, dreams and goals REAL, because they are now on paper. That’s amazing.

~Christian Messer, Editor[/quote]


Over the last 20 years, my tools have helped thousands of clients build sustainable businesses that yield both financial rewards and personal achievement. It is all in this workbook.


Here’s what you will find inside!

  1. Focus is the Key.
  2. Whole Business Circle to help you develop a sustainable business.
  3. Processes to Overcome Obstacles and mental blocks that hold you back from reaching the success you want.
  4. 7 Steps to wake-up your Marketing and get all the clients you want.
  5. The Money Map: your road map to help you develop a plan and to meet your financial goals.
  6. Visionary Leadership to lead your business with vision.
  7. The 5-Points of Professional Development.


Once you have this workbook you can write on the pages, re-read and go back and read it again. I made it a print book for this reason!

This will help you or your money back!!    This is how sure I am of the benefits.

My 7 simple-to-follow steps have worked for thousands of people. Their results are real – and proven. I am so sure you will personally benefit from my book that I guarantee it. I will refund your entire purchase after 60 days if you have completed all the exercises and received no benefit.

You have nothing to lose? You have so much to gain.

If you have any question, contact me. I  really care!  Kaya


only $19.95

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