Note:  We had to cancel the live event last year due to Covid but we are looking at  doing this again as as soon as its safe!   I will let you know if another online version will happen. 

Wild Women…

Tap into your Soulful self, Inner Shaman, Invisible  mentor, Elder, Wise Woman or Angels

Feel alive, connected, intimate, colorful, joyful, on track, and focused.

Find Your Muse

Healing Through Watercolors

A Five-Week workshop that begins February 11th online!

You want to feel healed and transformed. And you want the next year to feel positive and inspiring.

It’s about your own awakening as well as the people you help or connect with.

The past year has been really, really hard for so many reasons. Most women say they feel challenged, uninspired, teary, shut down, and in grief.

There is hope in 2021 and you can feel it, and yet inside you still feel the other stuff. You know about the stars lining up, the Age of Aquarius, vaccines, the shift in the white house, and also in your own inner self you want to feel on fire again and do what you are meant to do with your precious life.

However, you do know who you are and what you want because you are a visionary and ideas flow!

There are a lot of emotions swimming around and as women, we can get so very tapped into our feelings. The positive of that is it can wake you up to do your inner work.

The negative is that you can feel like you are drowning in grief, sorrow, and depression (just to name a few) It’s so important to learn how to transform those feelings into intuition and positive action.


This is where your Muse becomes so important. Through watercolor and creativity, she will find that place in you that is ready to come out and stay positive!



She will not only inspire you but will find the flame and make it larger. When you paint with beautiful colors in your special journal, your intuition will explode with messages- some of them channeled, some from your own Wise and Wild Woman, your angels, guru or whoever comes through the portal.

This is different from your mind that analyzes things and tries to figure them out. For this kind of shift, you need to tap into your intuition, spirit self, and access the deeper planes first.

You’ve likely had this kind of experience through meditation and being in nature and yet it’s hard to access that place and not lose it when the world around you is in turmoil. 




Find Your Muse: Healing Through Using Watercolors 

…will be a combination of an art and soul group, a mini-workshop, and a circle of women.

What you will gain…

• Waking up your soul and finding your Muse
• Balance and alignment about your path into your future. 
• An amazing experience with intuitive watercolor painting
• Community with other women who are doing the same thing
• Transformation
• Watercolor tips to build on
• Your own star map to follow with tips from your own inner guides.
• Creative Mindfulness 


Putting watercolor on paper in an intuitive way is perfect for emotions that are watery and fluid. It will open a doorway for your invisible guides to come through. It’s not a thinking process. It’s a Being and Inner Knowing process.

This is not really an art class and it’s also not a business workshop.  It’s a mixture of personal growth, professional development,  art therapy, and spiritual awakening that will help you in your business or your life purpose.

You don’t have to have any prior experience with watercolor painting. You only have to show up and bring an open mind and a strong desire to learn more about yourself,  break habits that are not serving you, and to have a strong intention moving forward. 

You also don’t need to own a business or be an entrepreneur but if you do, this will be a powerful way for you to align yourself for huge success in the New Year.



The Art and Soul retreat was a wonderful time to reconnect with the artist in me that I had tucked away long ago. She got to come out and explore! No judgments or pressure to be perfect, just to allow and receive. It was such a perfect gift!

~Paula Nuspl



Art and creativity offers a direct route to this inner place of your soul


Kaya is a bright light and a gentle force of nature. She’s an inspiration for visionary women who know that running yourself into the ground is not the way to do business for us creatives.

I went to her Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat, in fact, I’ve experienced many of her offerings including her private consultations because I trust her. There was something that opened inside of me when I went to this retreat. What I realized is that “skill” and “quality” had little to do with art. This weekend cracked open a long lost desire to express myself in this way. It was healing.  And yes it did help me with my business. I found my joy again! I discovered art as a way to reach new perspectives on how to approach life and dive deep within my soul.

I would absolutely go to any of her retreats. She just has a way of opening you up in the most gentle and fun ways. I completely recommend her Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat and any other fun visionary adventures!

 ~Wiesje Brion,



When February 11, 18, 25 & March 4th  (Plus one bonus session on March 11th)
Time Thursdays 10:30 AM-12:30 PM (Pacific)
Where Online via Zoom

Your investment is $ $287 or payable in two payments of $148.50/each.

Limited to 12-14 women so grab your spot now.


Plus we will have a private FB group where you can post your artwork, share your intentions, and of course, ask questions! I will be there to offer support during the 5 weeks.

I look forward to spending this beautiful time with you.  ♥
If you have questions before signing up contact me!

Once you register you will get a supplies list and a beginning activity to do before we start. The earlier you register the more time you will have to work on that before our first meeting. 

Note:  Payment is on Paypal where you can still use your cc. After you pay you will be taken to my thank you page with information about supplies etc.  If you prefer to not use Paypal contact me   and I can take your payment on the phone.





I am blessed to live in this beautiful land of Mother Ocean where I find my muse in an instant whenever I touch my toes in the sand. I have always been an artist at heart and yet I sadly left that behind while growing my coaching business. But Wild Women grabbed me while writing my book, Wiser and Wilder.  She brought me right back to the art I had left behind.  When I painted the cover of the book I saw my own soulful path and began walking it one step at a time. I’ve been a painter since then. I fell in love with watercolors because of the fluidity and ability to tap into emotive intuition in a deep way.

The women, animals, and flowers I paint talk to me. I get messages and guidance while walking in the forest.  I was told to offer Art and Soul retreats and I now have been given the go-ahead to do this online version. It’s a perfect way to combine the coaching I still love, and the creativity that my soul needs.  I thank each of you who are making the choice to stand and walk with me.



I attended the Wild Art and Soul retreat last April and I got more out of this retreat than I could have asked for. Kaya brings an inner approach to building a female-minded business and helping any women grow in leadership. She does this through the process of art. I gained so many deep and profound insights about myself and my purpose – and that process, to this day, still keeps me grounded in how I show up for my work

~Tracey Atias Adams,

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