Regardless of whether your business is 10 years old or brand new, in order to reach your goals, you need to have a map.

The first step it to know where you are beginning. In a way, it’s like a board game or planning a trip, and you have to be able to put yourself on the road and then be able to see the whole process with the long, windy path that ends up at a your chosen destination, your fully developed business.


Along the way, there are business goals and challenges to overcome, and you need to make the best choices that will help you to reach your end point.

If you don’t know where you’re going, your choices will always be in reaction to present issues rather than a long term vision.


In order to take your business forward you need to:

•  Have a picture of what it will look like.
•  Know the route and steps to follow.
•  Have a map and structure to guide you.


Many small business owners:

•  Know what they don’t want but not clear what they do want.
•  Make decisions based on comfort level or what they like to do.
•  Don’t make time for long term planning and building a strategy.


Being able to look at the whole picture of my business from different angles and breaking it down into little pieces really helped me to see my business in a new way. I feel much more confident now.

~Marsha Lindsey, web developer


Do you want to clarify, sharpen and re-focus your vision and goals? It may require you to shift and transform patterns that are no longer supporting you.

If you are ready to let go of those old  constructs and want help start with scheduling a free 30 minute strategy call with me. I will listen and help you get clear about the next steps.

There were blocks in my business that I wasn’t aware of and Kaya took me through a creative process and helped me brainstorm all the possibilities of my company. I had never actually put any of these ideas down on paper, so that, in and of itself, was gratifying.

.~Christian Messer

Here are a couple tools that will help you with your planning process.

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