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Helping visionary women to value themselves and their contribution to positive change…

Kaya Singer is available for interviews and presentations about women’s empowerment and the Wise Woman way of doing business.

As a mentor, teacher, women’s advocate, speaker and coach she has 40 years experience helping all women of all colors and cultures,  overcome their self-worth and confidence issues and step into trusting their inner wisdom; their Wise and  Wild Woman.  Kaya knows this is the answer to positive world change. 


Interview Topics

cover1 (1)Kaya Singer’s book, Wiser and Wilder, goes beyond the usual how-to business advice and instead places its focus on HOW TO BE.

It contains of heart-centered personal stories, purposeful activities, and inspiring wisdom to encourage women entrepreneurs to invest in themselves so they can become who they are meant to be in this world. 

The book encourages readers to access guidance from their soul level in order to come out of hiding and overcome obstacles that are holding them back. With over 40 years of experience, Kaya has seen again and again how creating clarity and confidence around life purpose empowers women to manifest the prosperity they need to carry their visions far and wide.



• Building soulful community by finding your tribe
• What is the Woman’s Way of business
• Partnering with Your Wise and Wild Woman
• Seasons and cycles


What People are Saying

“If I had only had this book when I left corporate America in pursuit of creating a fulfilling business, my path would have been so much easier and faster towards the success I enjoy today. — Sonia Miller, Author of The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How to Get Results

“Kaya’s journey along with information not far from being Shamanic enriched is very empowering. Wiser and Wilder takes us back to our roots as women, back to who we truly are before we felt disempowered. — Mia Saenz, Editor-in-Chief, BellaMia Magazine

Kaya Singer shares a vision of doing business, and life, in a round, whole, integrated, and uniquely feminine way. The information on the three stages of life and business should be required reading for every woman who wants to make a difference and a living.”
— Lynne Klippel, Best-selling Author of Overcomers, Inc.

“Kaya Singer’s soul opens on every page of Wise and Wilder.  A must-read for creative women entrepreneurs.”— Denise Michaels, Founder, International Book Writing Guild

 At last, a wise elderwoman, coach and therapist, tells us we are not crazy because we can’t fit ourselves into the male-dominated world of business.  She suggests trusting intuition and following bliss as well as doing the hard work of marketing.  In addition to thoughtful coaching, Wiser & Wilder offers exercises to help readers address their own unique challenges and gifts. –Marsha Scarbrough, Author of Honey in the River and Medicine Dance, Former Contributing Editor for Written By: The Magazine of the Writers Guild of America, West


About Kaya Singer

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Kaya Singer is a Wise Woman entrepreneur, mentor, artist, and writer. Having never fit into a traditional business box, Kaya’s been self-employed for over 40 years, beginning with her first business selling pottery on orange crates.

Her wisdom touches thousands of women through mentoring, women’s gatherings and personal growth retreats, in both the United States and New Zealand, where she lived for 12 years. She has a BFA in Fine Arts from Ohio State University and an MS in counseling from the University of Oregon. Kaya’s mission is to support visionary women to wake up, stop hiding and invest in themselves so they can reach their true potential and make a bigger difference in the world. She knows that it’s time for all women to show up and to help change the injustices in the world and to create a new footprint. !


Now growing into her Crone wisdom years, she’s come full circle and is has integrated her art and coaching business into one. When not working with clients, she paints in the studio she shares with her husband Wayne, plays with clay, dances to 60s music or spends time out in the forest or at the ocean in Oregon. She loves pure nature and this is where her Wild Woman thrives and reconnects to Mother Earth.



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