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Kaya Singer, author of “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs, mentor, and artist.   She speaks all about how to run a business the Wise Woman Way.

Kaya knows that women only become wiser and more powerful as they get older. Their intuition is stronger than ever and they have life experience that makes them stand out and shine. 

For over 30 years, Kaya has helped thousands of women to shift, transform, and step into a place of leadership and empowerment. 



Some of her Speaking Topics
Follow your Vision and Grow Your Wiser and Wilder Business

Kaya will share the true Women’s Way of running a business in a more empowered, integrated, uniquely feminine way. This includes accessing your inner Crone, creating more prosperity, and staying in harmony with your heart and soul.  

The Wise Woman Way of Marketing Yourself in the World

Do you have a lot of passion and sense of mission about your business, but not enough clients to help?  This often happens when you start your business from this place of excitement. Find out how to stand out from all the other people who are doing something similar. it’s about you, your distinct footprint and how you can own your spotlight and allow people to see you in your authentic self.

How Growing Your Business Is Like Sowing A Garden:  The Wise Women’s Secret To Becoming An Empowered Leader

A wise woman mentor once told me that growing money was similar to planting a garden. At first I didn’t understand, but eventually I got it and it changed the entire way I ran my business and my life. I had to  shift my mindset and the whole way I was looking at money and business. Learn this secret and all the steps involved. Find out that it’s not so difficult when you begin to see yourself as a “gardener,” growing money and harvesting many nourishing ways to put your help out to the world. 

Kaya has a way of presenting that deeply connects the audience to their own wisdom. She is a champion for all entrepreneurs who are so passionate in what they want to offer the world. I was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching seminar for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique way of helping her audience get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and authentic and helps you work through barriers and identifies potential obstacles along the way.  

~Mona Dass RiverCapitalpdx.com[/quote]

Kaya’s seminar was packed with information and thought provoking questions to help listeners explore what it means to create a whole business which is firing on all cylinders. After listening to Kaya’s dynamic presentation, I certainly trust her to lead me through the labyrinth of my own blind spots and to help me market my strengths; she reassured as much as she gently challenged.    

~Rose Damond FireSeedsPublishing.com[/quote]

Thank you, Kaya for your outstanding presentation. I loved the way you authentically shared yourself with the group, and instantly connected with the challenges business owners have with sustaining momentum in their marketing. I am very pleased to have experienced your practical, hands-on wisdom.

~Tshombe Brown, Consultant

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