In your heart you know…
there’s  a “Women’s Way” of doing business


Do you yearn for a circle of other wildly
smart women entrepreneurs ?


You Know you can’t do this alone! 

kaya-fsovalI too, searched for a community of liked-minded women who could help me grow my business. 

I wanted women who would support my wildish nature,  would understand that I couldn’t be put into a box anymore. I needed to connect my free spirit to sound business skills. 

I wondered if this was even possible but now I know that  through life changes, I could still build a successful venture that would support my passion now, would sustain me in the future, and would align with my soulful purpose.


I know you deeply wants this heart-centered part along with sound business skills of marketing, leadership, management and money! Right?

This is what the TeaHouse is all about


A virtual  retreat for your Wild Woman with mentoring and your own private sharing circle 
all done the
Wise Woman Way!   


A perfect blend of women’s sage wisdom and down to earth practical help, accountability, and real support!


Is the TeaHouse for you?

You sometimes feel too alone and you imagine sitting 
with other women who get it, and can listen and share.
This is the women’s way of being in business.


You want to be with women who understand that 
the cycles that women go through also are part of your
business life force. 



You know that your wild nature, your “weirdness” and way of being is
not only valid, but part of what makes you distinctive. 
You are so ready to do your soulful work.


You often feel frantic about making your business more successful
and worry that you are not doing it fast enough!.
You want to BE and feel calm, spacious,



Your soul yearns for creative ways to express yourself.  
You know that business can be fun
allow you to use your natural strengths.  



Sometimes you still struggle with lack of confidence.
You want to be with people who can see past
that to the real you who is brave and courageous. 



 You love real community and look forward to
supporting other women
with your own wisdom and helping them to see theirs.



clock24/7  The circle is always open! 

On-line Community you can access anytime! Huge support and LOVE. A safe place to be transparent, share your story, and be real. Receive concrete business help in whatever area you are stuck. 

Hear what others are doing in their businesses, what has worked and what hasn’t. Find immediate resources on any issue you are facing. A team of smart wise and wild women will be on your side! Meaningful questions daily to keep you engaged and on-track!


phone11 Group Mentor-Coaching Calls 

Facilitated by Kaya beginning with a focus on a timely topic, and then direct help with your questions. Everyone comments and learns. The discussion and sharing is rich! Always everything is recorded so you can listen later!  Phone and chat and then continuing discussion in the circle. 


mic10 Group Teaching/Coaching Calls with a String of  Amazing Specialist Mentors

Areas might include money issues, social media, publishing, sales, copy writing, videos, book writing, and more. Listening to the needs of the group, we bring in the best people to help you.  The commitment is to high-level learning and helping you get the help you need. 





Tea House Bonus Pricing

on all the Marketing the Wise Woman Way seminars:





Free admission to all Live Events




[quote type=”center”]

1379940_10152783272828070_3466388073835107627_nThe synergy of the TeaHouse is wonderful. So many smart and savvy women in one place. Kaya does an excellent job fielding questions and giving us thought provoking goals. Already I have added several new clients and feel like I’m bringing my business our of the rut!  

~Marliese Franklin, New Habits Hypnosis[/quote]




[quote type=”center”]Christine

Already I have had epiphanies about how I need to change my business focus and others have shared their realizations too. 

The open-ness and honesty in the TeaHouse is heartwarming, and the sharing of ideas and realizing that what I have to share can help the other Teahouse members, is empowering! 

~Christine Leov Lealand, Writer and Publisher[/quote]




[quote type=”center”]

I was looking for a group of supportive women to share ideas and didn’t really know where to start. I had been holding back and feeling little lost, I made connections from the very start and knew I found a very valuable resource.  In the 9 months I have been working with Kaya, I have totally transformed my mental attitude around money; how to make it, what works and what won’t, and most importantly how to not sweat what I’m not great at, because that work is for someone else. 

Kaya is a natural leader. She keeps us on track and holds the focus so we can create magic within the container she provides. I am so glad I decided to join the TeaHouse!

~Rae Mullin, Pelvic Heath Specialist,[/quote]





Does your Wild Woman Entrepreneur know she needs this for her sanity, to keep from going crazy?

Have you been searching for something just like this to help you to stay balanced and creative while you get all the business building parts in place?



testimonial-top IMG_5928

[quote type=”center”]

I’ve joined The TeaHouse due to a definite need for support. In the safe container that she created, she leads the discussions and assists me to move past the areas of stuckness. I feel reassured  that I’m not alone, and that what I am experiencing are normal stages (fears, anxieties, struggles) of being a woman starting a business. It’s cathartic and reassuring to share and get feedback from all the other women, and it helps me to see that we are all so different and yet very much the same. 

~Margie Stenson,[/quote] 




The Awakening Business Virtual Tea House is open and ready for you!  



We are brewing lots of deep wisdom for you! 

One thing I learned from being a potter: Even the most 
beautiful piece isn’t done until it goes into the kiln!        

Once it comes out of the fire it is transformed. 

So sit with me around the fire, your space is waiting!


Eventually it will be $2,000 a year to join the Awakening Business Virtual TeaHouse and that will be a huge savings if you compare it to hiring your own coach!

For you only until early 2015 …This year program is still only….


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Just click on the purple button above to join! Or if you prefer, you can call me with your payment information. 503-493-1199


Where else can you get this kind of support for a whole year at such a low price? Nowhere!  


This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.   




 Ask your wild woman what she needs and then listen. 




 [quote type=”center”]Maile

A safe, warm and welcoming group, where I could come, no matter where I was at with my business.  Kaya understands the difficulties women can experience in “taking the leap” towards independence with a business of our own.  She has lived through and been successful in that process.

I always gained insight and encouragement, by hearing from other women who were close to where I was at in business development, or perhaps a little further down the road.  Kaya understands how to support and encourage, as well as how to keep a group on track.  She knows what is helpful and what is not.

~Maile Rose, Hypnosis for Self Care[/quote]





Our regular group coaching calls are on Tuesdays at 11:30-1 twice per month.  Remember -they will all be recorded! Plus a log of the chat will be posted in the forum. 


Once you register you will be given an application to fill out with some questions that help us to know who you are.


We of course, want to make sure this program is the best fit for you, so thank you for taking the few minutes to do that so we can help you even more fully.


Any other questions about the Awakening Business Virtual TeaHouse or any other ways I can help you, send me an email



You have a legacy that
needs to emerge!

Not only are you not running out of time, but in
fact the portal that opens in the 
later years
is powerful and the most magical
and transcendental time of life.

What you choose to do now
will help this to fully manifest.



Kaya Singer has been helping women transform at the deepest levels for over 30 years. She’s been an entrepreneur since as 26 when she took her pottery to local craft fairs on orange crates. After being a counselor for 15 years, she discovered she was naturally good at marketing. Even in a strange country, she managed to have a full practice in six months. Kaya’s been running women’s groups all of her adult life and helped run women’s gatherings in her community in New Zealand. She eventually became a marketing specialist for other counselors and healers and now is back to her roots of creating a place for women to shift, transform, howl, and develop themselves as empowered leaders.