Join the Wild Marketing Challenge and Get Moving!

Sit around the fire with a group of other smart creative women. 

This class is now over but if you sign-up at the bottom of the page you will find out when the next one is. 

You know you have something so important to offer to the world and you love what you do.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more people seek you out because of your amazingness?

You might have a vision of who you want to be and how you want to be seen, and in your dream you can feel it, but then you look in the mirror and might see yourself where you are now and feel discouraged.

The word marketing can feel confusing and there are so many choices of stuff you could do.  It’s easy to end up feeling overwhelmed.  It might seem like you’re throwing darts and you have no idea where they are going. 

Marketing is all about attraction and this is what we’ll focus on in this  Free Class.
This class is for you if you want to help people, and make a bigger impact. 

Join the Wild Marketing Challenge

You will leave at the end of the class with Tips on:

How to be even more uniquely visible
How to be your own brand and shine out
How attract the exact people who want what you offer
♥ A plan for what to do next to make it all happen!

By signing up here you will find out when the next Free Marketing call will be happening. 




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