Welcome Wild Woman

Wild Woman is your friend and she focuses on taking risks and being inappropriate!  She will help you to open your voice, be authentically you. She wants you to welcome her into your life. She will help you to stretch, welcome change, do things you might not have considered.  Begin today by finding out where she is. She might be hiding and just waiting for you to welcome her back.

•   Read Chapter 2 before we meet the 2nd time on January 12th

•   As you read  Chapter 2 write down any words or phrases that really speak to you.

•  Show up at 9:15 if you can. Coming early is good as you discovered as you can chat with people!

•  Do the activity at the end of Chapter 2 and answer all the questions in the chapter. and bring that too.

•  If have joined the Facebook group use it!! Share anything including your own video. you can hit video icon and do one on the spot. So easy!

• Zoom link will be the same for all  10 meetings:


Meeting ID: 816 8636 9208
Passcode: 487808

Any questions or concerns please contact me. kaya@kayasinger.com

All of our circles are  9:30-11 AM Pacific Time

January  5, 12, 19,  25    February  9, 16,  23     March  2, 9, 16

  ❤️❤️  Kaya




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