Awake Wise Women Entrepreneur Program


12 Month Focused Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Who are ready to step into their greatness!


If you are like most women who have a serviced based business, you want to make a difference, help more people and also be financially successful!

Your Wise Woman is the one who knows! She has wisdom and knowledge that lives deep in her bones. 


It’s about transferring your wisdom and your special gift and applying it to your own business. 



In this year long program you will face the  fears are holding you back and focus on taking focused action in your business. 

This involves doing the things required to grow your business regardless of your self-doubt, and regardless of how you think it should be. You have to really want it and be willing to face those inner doubts.

In this program we will follow this 5 step process!

1. Shift your entrepreneurial mindset so you are fully activated and getting out of your own way.

2. Specialize and grow your expertise! Dig down and find out exactly what your unique gift is and we will look at how to know if this is something that will fly in the world. How to test it, get proof and fully step into it. 

3. Create your content, message, brand,  plus books, reports, videos and more!

4. Connect to your tribe. How to take your message to the world,  how to increase your reach and develop joint venture partnerships. 

5. Monetize and leverage your income streams. Once you know, it’s about launching programs to give more value to your clients, how to sell what you love and how to turn  your passion into prosperity. 

[quote]Without this group, I wouldn’t have been able to hear the truth as well. Listening to the group voices and their support removed my resistance. I feel like a new woman. I now have a confidence that I didn’t know I was missing in the beginning. Thanks to the group and Kaya’s excellent facilitation.

~Suzy Morgan,[/quote]



As women, we are community creatures. We need support and partnership. I could never, ever be doing this all on my own!

Whether it is self-doubt, issues with money or fears of standing tall, here is a golden opportunity to get re-aligned and re-energized.



If you are willing to do what ever it takes then this program is for you! It is not for everyone. It is for  women who want to:

  • Are ready to take action!
  • Give and receive support.
  • Learn new tools that will help you succeed.