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Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle Virtual Gathering
We need your unique wisdom offering. Here’s how…
Are you ready to walk through the fire? Join our community
Contribute to our Wisdom Painting!  Find out how
The Fire Circle is calling You. Your seat is waiting?
Are you ready to come out of hiding?  The world needs you.

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You know those moments where everything feels aligned with a vibration of love, flow, clarity and connectedness, all the ways you wish you could be everyday?

I know you wish it could be like this all the time and to fully BE that woman who can manifest and do your real life work.  It’s so hard when your own self-doubts or fears keep you from BEING this more fully actualized version of yourself.

My friend and colleague, Kaya Singer is a Wise Woman, Elder, Crone and her mission is to help women to come out of hiding and learn how to operate from this high vibration.  This has been her life work and walking the path of the fire has been her own awakening.

She knows that truly awake women are part of the solution to world change.

Tapping into your own deep wisdom is one of the keys.

Sitting with a community of other Wise Women is essential piece. 

This is why Kaya is creating a gathering of 13 Fire Circle Leaders, visionaries, and path-walkers who have all walked through the fire in their own way and as a result, have contributed so much to the world with their gifts.

The Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle Virtual Gathering will be February 9-18 and include six virtual gatherings.  It will also include you and your wisdom. Your voice and contribution is so important. She knows well how we are all equal when we sit around the fire. 

I am thrilled to share that Kaya has invited me to be part of this event.

Here is how to register:  https://kayasinger.com/wiser-and-wilder-fire-circle/

The Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle Virtual Gathering and Community for Visionary Women.

A fire circle is the highest form of community and you will be invited to share and be involved, not just listen.

What you will  get when you join us:

Each day will begin with a powerful ritual to help you shift your vibration and access your inner Wise Woman.

You will be invited to contribute your own Wisdom Word to  a Visionary Women painting that will be created from each circle. These paintings with your energy will go out to the world.

You will hear inspiring stories from 13 visionary women who will share how they walked through the fire and learned how to access their Wisdom and stay in that place of Being-ness.

You will  learn about Kaya’s brand new book, Wiser and Wilder: A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs,  and how to buy her book early with other amazing bonuses only available now.

You’ll have access to a free brand new ebook called Wild Wisdom by 22  Visionary Entrepreneurs. (mention if you are part of this)

Every call will be recorded.

Join us for this gathering now. https://kayasinger.com/wiser-and-wilder-fire-circle/

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Calling  all visionary women who are ready to come out of hiding and be seen and heard.  If you’ve been holding back because you don’t feel perfect or  good enough let go of that NOW.  There’s a seat for you in the Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle. 

Pick up the talking stick and be in your power. Your Wisdom is important.

Join our community with 13 Fire Circle Leaders who will share their stories along with you. 

Your own words will become part of a beautiful visionary painting that will inspire others. Six gatherings over 10 days. February 9-18th www.WiserandWilder.com/firecircle

You know you are here for a reason and you are meant to do your visionary work and also grow an abundant business. It’s like walking through the fire to find that soulful path, your own steps to making it happen. It can be really scary and yet you feel driven.

Sitting around the fire with a group of other women is so comforting and can give you strength to push through in a very grounded way.

Hear the stories from 13 women who been there and be part of a virtual women’s community where your own voice is also invited and heard.  Six meetings over 10 days. February  9-18  www.WiserandWilder.com/firecircle

Can you imagine anything better than sitting in a fire circle with a group of other visionary women? Heart centered sharing and real support to Be who you really are. 

My friend and colleague, Kaya Singer, has created a virtual experience for you that is complete with an opening ritual, sharing stories, art, and real community. I’ll be there and know you will love this too. Six opportunities over 10 days. February  9-18  www.WiserandWilder.com/firecircle


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