Attention Solopreneurs:  Coaches, designers, health and wellness professionals, therapists, web builders, teachers, artists, writers… 

5 Steps to Awaken Your Money Stream

You might be like many entrepreneurs; you love what you do, you have a real gift, but struggle to make real money!

This one day live event  in Portland is for you!


Thursday August 15th


It’s time to DISCOVER the real steps to turning your wisdom into expertise and then into money.



You can make a much bigger difference when your business is humming and you are feeling free and abundant!

You know this is true- deep in your place of truth.


I’m Kaya Singer.
I was working really hard when I began my business,  but not getting where I wanted to be.
I knew there were pieces missing!

and then gradually I learned the steps and the formula that made it all fall into place.

I could finally see the whole process from my creative idea to making money, and it made a huge difference!


 I have perfected this into a rock’n system  so you can get it too!


My Awaken Your Money Stream System is easy to understand and it works regardless of where your business is. 

On this one day I will share with you the five step formula and you will see how to apply it to your business.



I recently tested this system with a group of solopreneurs.  100% of them said they felt stuck at the beginning of the day and felt significantly more confident and empowered at the end of the day, with a clearer picture of the way forward. 


It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or been in business for five years, this system will work.


[quote type=”center”]


I love how you shared these 5 steps! It was so helpful to see the components and how they all work together. You have such a helpful and masterful way of presenting that made it easy to understand.  You asked us all excellent questions that encouraged conversation and real sharing in the group. I could see I wasn’t alone!  You have a gift at creating community. 
There was so much good information and handouts that will be able go back to later and keep learning. 

~Ulika Pankratz[/quote]



[quote type=”center”]


Thanks Kaya, for the great workshop. I was looking for clarity, connections, and support and got it all. I love how you teach and lead from such an authentic and very practical place.  Your handouts were excellent.
So wonderful to have such a heart-based relational person to guide and mentor healers towards having more business success!

~Julie Brockman,[/quote]



What you will gain from the workshop:

•  Learn the empowering 5- step formula that once you follow, you will stay in the flow and know exactly what to do next. 

•  Understand exactly what it means to leverage and grow money!  Sound good?

•  Find out why it’s not just about attracting more clients– there is so much more than that and you will find out why and how.

piechartcopyWe will go through each step and you will apply it to your own business. 

You will understand how these pieces work together and gently flow from one to the other. 



You will leave knowing exactly what to do next in your business to make more money.

You are likely so close to making this happen and you may even realize it.


This will eventually be a two day seminar at $497.  It’s that good, but for you I am offering  a one day seminar for a much discounted price of  $197!


Why? Because I love love working with people face-to-face! I love the community part.

I really want to share this with you because I know you it will make a huge impact in your business.

I want to take away the money obstacle so this won’t be your excuse! 


Thursday August  15th.  9:15 – 4:00


Extra bonuses!

• Hang out with some other awesome Portland area entrepreneurs for the day.

• Find new joint venture partners before you leave for the day!  This is part of the process.

• Small group with tons of individual attention.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

•  You have a brand new start-up business and want the steps!
•  Your business is 3-5 years old and ready to shift!
•  You have and older business and want to leverage!


You will leave with:

•  Excellent handouts you can keep using over and over.
•  Insight into the system of making real money from your service. 
•  Knowing the exact next steps you need to take.
•  A community of other women entrepreneurs to connect with. 
•  Solutions you can act on immediately.


Are you in? Can you see the value?
Just pick the payment option below and give yourself a pat on the back!


 One payment $197

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or three payments of $80

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If you don’t live nearby but you want to participate- contact me as I will be offering an online version soon!