Are you seeking immediate help in how to increase your leads and
have more people following you?

If you are frustrated by your efforts, you may
have no idea what to do next!




3 Week Intensive Seminar 
Marketing the Wise Woman Way


 You’ve spent so much time and energy learning the many tools of your trade, and have planted a garden full of rich wisdom that can help people – if they just show up!


You do really good work…  
but you struggle to:

→  Find all those people who you know you could help
→  Be more visible so people see your amazing value 
→  Know how to be attractive and attract the leads you want
→  Polish your communication for real engagement
→  Begin to make money now, even with a tiny list


In today’s world of the internet, people are overwhelmed with choices. This is why it is becoming even more important to make it easy for people to select to be a part of your community.  


In your heart you know it’s possible to grab the attention of those people who you are meant to work with. You’ve likely been trying things for awhile and had minimal success.


Face it, you’re business would be doing much, much better if you had more leads to market to and if you could learn the steps to creating a buzz and demand for your offering.

That’s exactly

what this class is about.


How to crkaya-fsovaleate a Wild Demand for your special offering and in a heart-centered way! 
At the beginning of my business I had no idea there were steps and a system for this.

I muddled along and looked at other people who seemed to have tons of followers!

I was confused and had no idea what drew people to me, so I couldn’t repeat it.  


Once I discovered the steps and keys that I will be teaching you, it all changed for me, almost overnight!


I finally had the path to follow and could make this part of a conscious plan!


What if you knew exactly how to:

•  Build long-term, loyal connections with real people who self-select to engage with you
•  Show people proof that you can deliver what you promise
•  Communicate in a way that draws people to want more
•  Become more visible in your expertise and speciality
•  Use simple ways to bring people into your tribe and keep them there.


The longer you wait to get help, the longer your business will struggle and your cash flow will dribble instead of flow!


This is what will be covered in this seminar;
√ how to attract leads like bees to pollen
√ how to create a real demand for your service
√ how to do this in a way that fits your unique kind of business


It would be amazing! Right?  

Whatever training you did to learn your profession, no one told you this part! Same for me! 


When I finally learned this piece of marketing, it was a huge aha!  Once you get this concept you will feel like a real business owner.  I promise.


Lead generation isn’t that mysterious, but when you don’t get it, you can spend a lot of energy doing things that don’t get results. 


I want to help you avoid that black hole!  

Why? Because I know how much you have to offer and I would love helping you use your energy in a way that will support your success! 


[quote type=”center”]

IMG_5928When I first met Kaya, I had a NO CLUE what to do when starting a business. With Kaya’s help and teachings I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and actually believe I can do this.

I’ve never felt judged and have always felt supported by Kaya (something that has been sorely lacking in my life). I know I can ask, what might seem (to me) like a dumb question, and I’ll get a very knowledgable and compassionate answer.  It’s amazing how much I’ve learned by watching her example because she’s someone who walks her own talk; Very authentic. She is the one that taught me that people don’t choose to do business with you because of what you do (the service you offer) as much as WHO YOU ARE. Very true. I highly recommend this wise woman!”~Margie Stenson,



[quote type=”center”]

Mona-Das I attended  a one-day seminar and was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching seminar for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique way of helping her clients get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and authentic and helps you work through barriers and identifies potential obstacles along the way. She understands the whole process of marketing more than anyone I’ve worked with. 

~Mona Das,[/quote]


[quote type=”center”]

VirginieEven though I knew that I was good in my field, I thought as myself as small, shy, not good enough, not capable enough. Kaya’s teachings have showed me how to attract clients from places I couldn’t have imagined before.  My income has doubled, which means I can now live off my company solely. 

~Virginie Blackmoor,[/quote]



[quote type=”center”]


AmberI was looking for ways to connect with my clients. I took Kaya’s marketing seminar in order to better understand what I could be doing  to build my practice, working with people with chronic pain. Her teaching style was inviting and informal with room for questions.  As a result, I am now clearer about who my target market is and how to meet them where they are at.

~Amber Rose Dullea,




Here is what I will be giving you in these content rich classes:

Module One

Where you are starting and where you want to go
What exactly is lead generation and what it isn’t
What does it mean to “create a buzz”
Knowing what kind of leads you want 
What your people want and why?
Your goals and how to get there
The magic of the opt in form!
Your list and size


 Module Two

The power of attraction 
How it works to attract people and how it begins with you
What makes you uniquely attractive 
A fun exercise that will help you get attraction clarity
How this becomes part of your business brand
How to integrate your own “inherent thumbprint”
How this gets integrated into your marketing


 Module Three

Where and how do people find you?
What does it mean to be visible 
Quality vs quantity
How to create opportunities
Referral and support partners
How to get yourself seen and noticed
Tactical choices 


Module Four

Creating Engagement
The power of social media and how to use it so it works!
The simple mistakes that most people make and what to do instead
Getting proof and how build connection this way
Communication that works; your message
Building trust
Follow-up – the powerful place most people drop off


What you will get:
Four rich content classes  
One Q and A class where you have full access to me
Facebook secret group forum where I am available everyday!
Workbook with class notes and homework 
MP3 recording of each class




Classes are 12:30 Pacific Time for 60-75 minutes
We meet on the phone so you can live  or be anywhere!

Monday February 9 
Thursday February 12
Monday February 16
Thursday February 16 Q and A
Monday  February 23 

I used to offer this seminar over three months at $497  and it’s worth every cent of that investment, but now it’s only $237!!

I know you don’t have time for a long drawn out workshop, so it is an intensive seminar over three weeks and you’re done!


One easy payment of $197 ( save $40)

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or 3 easy payments of $79



Once you register you will be joining a wonderful group of other wild woman entrepreneurs who are making empowering business decisions!



√ One more bonus Q and A call a month after the class ends!!

I am offering this because I really want you to be successful. I  know how easy it is to take a seminar like this and not do the work, and not have the support.  

 3D cover-kaya


√ A copy of my ebook, “21 Days to Shift Your Money Mindset and Transform Your Business.”


My gift to you!


I so look forward to working with you!

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