How do My Mentor Coaching Programs Work?


Every program is 100% individually focused.
This means it is all about you; where you are beginning and what you want to accomplish.


I use a Value-based model so it’s not about how many times we meet, it’s more about you and what you need. We might meet an hour a week, sometimes less and sometimes more

This is the Woman’s Way of business. It needs to ebb and flow and still keep moving. 


What are the benefits to working privately with me? You’ll receive:


• A Map of how to get from where you are now to where you want to go (financially and personal achievement) based on where you are in your business and your vision.

• Clarity about next steps to manifest your vision in a way that is aligned with your soul. 

• Hand-holding and loving involvement in solving problems and working through issues.

• Delving in to help you understand your own process and what’s working and what isn’t.

• Safe place where you can state your truth and be heard

• Marketing plan  focused on you and how you need to stand out, be more visible and open your voice. 

• Creative business planning. 



I help you to overcome obstacles in your path and to make more empowering decisions to become a WISER leader of your business.

The first step is initial self-evaluation with a series of questions to help you dig deeper and share what is going on in your business and with yourself right now. This helps us to have a beginning point and to develop a plan to work together.


Success happens from the inside out!  

Are you ready to see the return in your investment?



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