How to Figure Out Your Prices!

three hour tele-seminar

Every service based business owner struggles with pricing!


It is easy to feel confused.

You want to make a profit AND you want your clients to be happy. Simple!

Offering your clients a good deal is important, however you also care about your business cash-flow!


This isn’t difficult but it is easy to get off-track when your own fears come in to play. You worry if you charge too much, people will go away and yet you have a business to run.

In this three hour class I will help you shift your confusion and understand the formulas and process for making good pricing decisions for your services.


When there is a perfect balance of giving and receiving your business will grow and thrive.


What you will learn in this three hour teleseminar

• How to price for profit.
• How to keep your clients in your pipeline.
• How to  make a decision based on logic rather than emotions or  guesswork.
• Simple formulas and mindsets that take the mystery out of pricing.
• The difference between Time vs Value.
• How to use discounts and when they are detrimental.
• Adaptive pricing and how it works.
• The difference between Commodity vs expertise.


[quote type=”center”]

Kaya helped me to prioritize and make decisions based on what was necessary to grow my business. I was able to face my money issues and learn to operate from a business mindset rather than fear. The result is that now, a year later, my business is growing and I am enjoying it. Her programs are full and extremely helpful!”

~Jaime English[/quote]

Class Format

We meet three times over three weeks for one hour. 
May 22, 29, June 5 – 11:30-12:30 PDT


This is a tele-class so you can call in from anywhere!
You will be able to interact and ask questions plus each class will include a worksheet.

Classes will be recorded in case you have to miss a class.


Your Investment – $129


I offer this class only once a year and it is very popular so register now to make sure you get a seat!


If you need to pay this in installments- contact me.


Kaya Singer has been self-employed and has owned numerous businesses for the past thirty years.

“I understand the issues around pricing your services as I have faced every one of them myself and grown as a result.
My mission is to help you develop a prosperous business so you can then make a bigger difference!”




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