Leap into Your Purpose 

An easy step-by-step 5 week day class to step into your mission and be able to help more clients


You are therapists, coaches, writers, designers, educators and health-and-wellness practitioners; people who help people with their services.


Perfect program for a solo businesses owner in the first few years.


You know how to help people. That’s not the issue.
You want more clients, more money and more freedom! 



It’s easy to overwhelmed with all the choices out there, but in fact it begins with your wisdom!

You probably know more than you think you do!


But your self-doubt creeps in and you feel frozen. You want to:

• Have more of the exact kind of clients you love to work with!
• Know the steps and system to use!
• More clarity about what to do and how to do it!
• Do what you love and follow your passion.


Just by making a small but significant shift in your  focus can change and transform your whole business!


Get Past Your Blind Spots.
1. Admit that what you’re doing isn’t working.
2. Learn how to develop a system and plan for attracting and keeping more clients.
3. Let go of your self-doubt and be willing to grow your business bigger.


I’ve been in business for myself for over 30 years and can help you benefit from my mistakes!


Who Are You?
• You’re a newish business and need to bring in more money!
• You’ve tried things yourself and it hasn’t really worked.
• You’re committed to making this work so you can do what you love. |
• You want to step more fully into your power as an entrepreneur!


[quote type=”center”]

What was amazing to me as I began Kaya’s Leap Forward class, was how much I WAS NOT DOING in several key areas to be successful when starting your own business.

I’ve had years of experience working in marketing in large corporations; in turning around a $2M family business, even starting another business.  But my current business is about selling ME, and that’s a completely different story! 
The Leap Forward course is an eye opener and doing it in a small group environment with Kaya as the facilitator is fun and empowering.  You’ll be both surprised and empowered!

~Laura Schlafly, www.careerchoiceswithlaura.com[/quote]


[quote type=”center”]

Before doing Kaya’s program, I had only a general idea of what I wanted to do but not fully clear on how to get there. Her insights and exercises have taught me how to focus more clearly, take a deeper look at what holds me back and how to move beyond that.

Her processes have a wonderful way of joining all the various aspects of running a successful business and making them easily understood. My business has expanded from only an idea to an actuality. Thanks Kaya!

~Shelby Rice, www.shelbyrice.com[/quote]


[quote type=”center”]

I was so overwhelmed by my business that I was holding it back. I had a long list of things to do and didn’t know where to start, so I wasn’t doing anything. I knew I needed help. Someone with experience and who was not emotionally attached!

Kaya helped me to prioritize and make decisions based on what was necessary to grow my business. I was able to face my money issues and learn to operate from a business mindset rather than fear. The result is that now, a year later, my business is growing and I am enjoying it.

~Jaime English www.kahootsdesign.com[/quote]


How the Program works

The program is a combination of telephone conference calls, focused training tools, working with your buddy, and getting sounds answers to your questions.


Topics that will be covered are:

• Expanding your entrepreneurial mindset.
• Recognizing your authentic footprint.
• Unfolding your Business vision.


The variety of tools, worksheets and options allow for creativity and many learning styles.

You will learn how the different parts of your business become a vibrant whole!



The class meets for 75 minutes 5 times plus one Q and A call. 

All conference calls are recorded so you can re-listen later or if you have to miss a class you can listen the next day.


Your business will leap forward, get out of the starting block and  be ready for the next stage of your business.


This program will pay for itself  I promise!!   I know you are very careful about where you put your money.  This will help you to not make costly mistakes and instead help you to make more money!


**What makes this class different than most: You will not just be learning information, but you will be applying it to your own business immediately. It is a hands-on class with you working directly on your own business with each lesson.


The next class will begin in 2014.

I am offering this at an amazingly low price for people who are just starting out.   Small group and tons of attention.

Your investment-  only  $247  and that includes all 6 classes, the hand-outs and tons of support.


However, you can save $50 bucks right off with Early Bird price.

  Only $197 if paid in full right now.


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or three easy payments of  $82   

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Once you register you will get two emails. The first one will ask you to confirm opt in. If that doesn’t arrive immediately please check your spam folder and if it isn’t there- please contact me.  The second email will have your class information.


Please read , “Clear Your Focus Grow Your Business.”  Much of the processes we will use in the class are in this book and therefore you will  find it helpful and supportive.


I look forward to working with you and helping you avoid the mistakes I made!