Make Money Doing What you Love

Leap into 2013 with Empowerment
Special Fall Program!


You know what you love and you just want to create the perfect business that allows you to help more people and make a profit!


Maybe by now you’ve realized that this isn’t so easy! 

Are you overwhelmed and confused
by how to make this all work?


I’m Kaya Singer and I’ve been exactly where you are. I also wanted to follow my passion and use my innate talents to begin a business and instead ran right into walls.


I realized that my own blind spots were keeping me stuck. Once I had the awareness,  insight followed and then I could see what I’d been missing. 

I hired a business expert to help me and her eyes could see what I’d been missing. My own emotions and old stories had held me back.


When that happened I began to make some different decisions that allowed me to  bring in more money and attract more clients.

It felt like magic, but in fact, I followed some clear steps after I woke up.


Wouldn’t it be great to begin 2013 with more clarity and to have a plan to follow?

The good news is that there are steps and there is a map to follow.

I finally discovered this and now after 30 years of being an entrepreneur and owning numerous small business, I can share these steps with you.

My own secret formula has worked for me and for thousands of people I have helped.

It’s about making your service stand out in the crowded marketplace.
Putting forth your expertise in a way that attracts clients.


[quote type=”center”]

I was so overwhelmed by my business that I was holding it back. I had a long list of things to do and didn’t know where to start, so I wasn’t doing anything. I knew I needed help. Someone with experience and who was not emotionally attached!

Kaya helped me to prioritize and make decisions based on what was necessary to grow my business. I was able to face my money issues and learn to operate from a business mindset rather than fear. The result is that now, a year later, my business is growing and I am enjoying it.

~Jaime English[/quote]


I would love to help you to end the year with more crystal clear focus on just what you can do to connect your passion with grounded business success!


This is a one time offer you just can’t refuse.

Four weekly focused private mentor coaching sessions with me.
unlimited email support
Tools and worksheets


You will learn:

• Who your niche is.
• How you help them with your service.
• What makes your offering so special and unique.
• How to develop a marketing plan to bring you clients.
• What are the next steps.


All of this would normally be $997
For one week only this will be 50% off!  Only  $457

Only five spots open at this level


This offer is good until Saturday November 10th only!
Once the five spots are filled it’s closed.


One payment $457


 Two easy payments $253


If you’ve been waiting to get my help but worried about spending the money- this is the time!

This is a one-time offer.


How it works:

First thing you will get a starting point self-assessment to fill out.
You send that back to me before our first meeting.
We schedule all four meetings and dig it!


I look forward to working with you and helping you so you can follow your passion AND make money!