BE Wiser and Wilder: Find the Best Kind of Support


Chapter 3 circle

You likely have discovered how wonderful it would feel to not be alone!  

You want to feel the creative power of help from someone who has an overview and can help you walk the next steps on your path. 



Can you imagine having your own circle of like-minded women who have a similar commitment and focus? 


Hiring a business coach and mentor is one important way to get specific help as that person will be there for you and it is a one-way relationship.  You hire this person and she will walk the path with you. 

I wouldn’t be where I am now without that private mentoring. 

However being in a mastermind group can compliment and offer another dimension.


What is a mastermind group?

It’s a small group of visionary entrepreneurs, like you,  who are all committed to the success of their own business and see the value of receiving and giving feedback and support from people they trust. 


What can you gain from being part of a mastermind group?

• Help seeing past your blind spots.
• Being witnessed and seen. 
• Encouragement to trust yourself and move through emotional issues.
• Building intimacy and belonging.
• Opportunity to build community.

Chapter 5

Sometimes mastermind groups are facilitated and this is especially helpful when you have never done this before or are with a group of people who you don’t really know well.


A facilitator can help create a safe container and keep things on track. 


[quote]Without the mastermind group, I wouldn’t have been able to hear the truth as well. Listening to the group voices and their support removed my resistance. I feel like a new woman. I now have a confidence that I didn’t know I was missing in the beginning. Thanks to the group and Kaya’s excellent facilitation.

~Emmy Morgan,[/quote]


Mastermind  Program 1-2-3

If you want to begin your own group and don’t know how I can also help you to get clear what you want and how to find the best people to join your group. Ideally, you want people who have different strengths than you have and are people who you admire and would learn from. 

The best is to find people who are on a similar level of business as you are.


I have been in a few mastermind groups over the years and have found the experience to be beyond valuable.  I know how the early stages can be shaky until people develop trust. 

The first couple meetings are the most important where the guidelines are set and agreements are made. If you are creating your own group, choose people who you feel would work well together.

Be clear what you want and be able to articulate that to others. 

Set the culture of the group and people will then self-select. 

Contact me  if you need help getting started. 


                       My group. Sometimes we call this our “Witches Coven.”