Wise Woman Entrepreneur Mastermind Group

One year group mentor program for Wise Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to take your wisdom to the world through your successful business.


There is a deep part of you that knows you have a real gift…

you want to make it fully available and to impact and help way more people.


Are you ready  to stand up and be one hundred percent present in your business and your life?


That wise woman part of you knows you have something amazing to offer and that’s why you became an entrepreneur.


However, maybe you’ve discovered that its harder than you thought to actually take your passion and turn it into money.

Or possibly you’re confused as to how and where to focus your energy.


 This was my story and I realized I needed support and other pairs of eyes! 

Are you ready to be with a group of motivated, focused women who can help you to be clearer, stay accountable. shift your mindset, develop your speciality and make more money?

Money itself won’t necessarily inspire or motivate you but the freedom that it offers is so tantalizing.

Freedom to pursue your creative genius or  a life of travel and adventure!

It’s also so important to get paid for all the good work you do!


Tiny steps are ok…but sometimes you just want to go for it! You want to shift by leaps and bounds! 

This group is perfect if you long to have a wise mentor and sisterhood strong team to help you shift, create, and connect! 

You want to:
• Stand out and get noticed
• Get clarity
• Be inspried to take action
• Uncover more of your greatness
• Make more money!


Be with other wise women solo-preneurs with their expertise and my own mentoring skills!

Being a solo-business owner doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone!
Women love working with each other.
It’s part of who we are!


We will:

• Help you make smart decisions
• See your blind spots
• Brainstorm ideas with you
• Offer accountability
• Give support and sisterhood.


Is this program right for you? Answer these questions.

Do you wish you were making more money?
Are you wanting more clients to help?
Is your business growing too slowly?
Do you wish you didn’t feel so isolated?
Are you willing to both give and receive help?
Do you long to work with a group of committed women?

If you answered yes to most of these then contact me to set up your interview then read on!


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I am so glad that I made the decision to join Kaya’s mastermind program this year. I had a general idea of where I wanted my business  to be, yet I was still in that “can I do this?” “will this work for me?” mentality plus being in that “stuck” place in relation to technology.

Kaya’s insightful coaching and the other women as “buddy accountability partners” has given me the tools to move my business forward.

 Years ago I had an opportunity to work with Kaya and fear kept me from doing that, but it was the very best thing I could do for myself and my business.

~Sandi Cornez, facebook.com/WisdomFromTheWell



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Jaime SmithWe looked at all potential obstacles to realizing our business goals, and discovered we could break through them!  Kaya’s facilitation was masterful and she stands as a true mentor for all entrepreneurs!

~Jaime Smith, ReclaimingPDX.com [/quote]



How will it work?

I’ve been in numerous mastermind groups and have also worked with my own business coaches who have helped me step into my own power!

I know what’s important to me when I look for help:


My groups are based on these values.  


How does it work?

 One private one-one-one session with Kaya at the beginning. 
Twelve monthly 90 minute virtual meetings:  Mondays 11:30-1:00 Pacific,  2:30-4 Eastern
Once a month telephone conference strategy call. Mondays 8AM Pacific, 11AM Eastern
Online secret Facebook page for daily contact and sharing.
Buddy and strategy partners.
 Special guest presenters

 Group begins in January 2014 and ends in  December!  A whole year of amazing support and community.


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Jocelyn Testimonial Photo

The mastermind program opened my eyes that I needed to care for all aspects of my life to move my business forward. I gained the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes. Others were better at seeing and drawing out of me what I needed, than I was able to do on my own. As a result of this program I hired an assistant and other support. What a huge difference it has made in the success of my business and the quality of my life!

~Jocelyn Mozak MozakDesign.com [/quote]


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ellie quote image

This program helped me see how important it is to take time out from the daily workings of my business and connect with other women who truly understand the challenges and rewards of running your own business. Kaya has a remarkable ability to bring together really incredible people to create a powerful synergy and the momentum for change.

~Elie Cole NourishingMedicine.com



This program is perfect for you if you’ve had your business for at least a year and now are ready to grow faster, get more focused and work on some serious business development with a team of other women entrepreneurs.


Do you feel a big YES in your soul?


Grab your seat now.
Your investment is only:

$2197 total for all these great benefits and a fraction of the cost of individual mentor coaching for a whole year!

Maybe you are thinking  “you can’t afford this.”  If you are in that camp- no worries!  I am offering you a generous early bird price and also monthly payments options.   I will do everything in my power to help you generate that cash flow right away.


This is a small intimate group so don’t wait! Only 10 spots available.


First step in to schedule a 15 minute interview with me to make sure this group is the perfect fit for you. 

I’m offering a huge early bird discount right now. Save $200 and jump on this now!


$1997 one payment discount! Early bird $200 savings!  Only this price until end of November.

or do six easy monthly payments of $347

 or 12 easy payments of $183


**Just contact me so we can get started! I’ll ask you some questions, listen to what you want, and it will be clear if this is your group! 



 From last year’s mastermind retreat.





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