Practitioners, coaches, health and wellness professionals, designers, and educators;

What you’re offering is so beneficial and yet you struggle to get more paying clients. 


You’re beginning to realize it may have something to do with your sales conversations. 


How to Sell From Your
Heart to Theirs

Intensive two week workshop 


You will learn the empowering steps help your potential clients convert into paying clients!


Your people have already opted in, they have shown they are interested in you and they need, and want help, but you’re missing the keys of how to help them make the decision to hire you.


You know what you have to offer is amazing, but the alchemy involved with “getting” people to buy is where the problem lies.


Your wisdom is your greatest gift and you likely do really well when you stay right there, and with the person who wants your help.  


One problem comes when you begin to focus on yourself:

• Your desperation for money
• Your self-worth
• Your scarcity mindset
• Your self-doubt


In fact selling can be an art of love. It is the most intimate part of the process. 


It can move from your own heart, and when you connect on that level you move into a different vibration.

You wake up and realize this is not about you at all; it’s all about helping them to get the exact help they need. 


Wouldn’t it be great to know how to do this?


How to access that place in your soul that can operate from this pure place of  service. 



Deciding to buy something is emotionally driven.  

You need to be in full integrity. This is the most important thing. 


It’s about being authentic, real, and connected. People will tell you exactly what they need from you if you just listen. 


There are only three reasons people back away from buying.

Once you understand this, you can help them wherever they are.

It becomes a beautiful and a lovely dance. 


[quote type=”center”]


I was baffled with selling. I was getting intersted people but when it came to paying me they slipped away. I had no idea why and in this one sales class Kaya masterfully showed me exactly what I was missing. Immediately everything changed.  I am so glad I took this seminar.


~Dr. Aziz,[/quote]

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Mona-Das I attended  a one-day seminar and was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching seminar for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique way of helping her clients get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and help people work through barriers to getting paid. She understands the whole process of marketing to sales more than anyone I’ve worked with. 

~Mona Das,[/quote]



What you will get:
Three rich content classes  

One Q and A class where you have full access to me
Facebook secret group forum where I am available most days!
Worksheets with class notes and homework 
MP3 recording of each class



Classes are 11:30 Pacific Time for 60-75 minutes
We meet on the phone so you can live  or be anywhere!

Monday   May 11
Thursday May 14 
Thursday May 18  Q and A

Monday   May 21


You will get:

• Three content rich classses
• One Q and A class
•  All the notes from each class
•  The MP3 recording
•  A secret Facebook group forum 
•  My support



If you are someone who knows you could do way better at selling and you are ready to finally be empowered in this way, then join us.


Only $177 for all this amazing help! 

 $167   –   Save $20 right now with this early bird one payment price 

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 or two easy payment of $87.00






 I look forward to helping you and journeying with you for these two weeks.