21 Days to Shift Your Money Mindset and Transform Your Business

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Filled with empowering messages,
processes, and tools.  


This book will help you shift your prosperity MINDSET at the core level!







I wrote this book when I first moved back to the United States after living in New Zealand for 12 years.  

I  needed to re-create my own business in a new country  and once again and my own money fears and old scripts emerged.  


I wrote this book for myself originally as I wanted to shift at the deepest levels to allow me to grow an abundant business.

As I created each one of these 21 challenges and affirmations,  I noticed my own mindset and energy gradually changing. It was very powerful.


If you are a visionary entrepreneur and know you are meant to take your soulful work into the world and help more people, but you are stuck with your own money issues, this book is for you.  


Only  $13 and it’s yours 

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$97 includes the book AND one coaching session from me.
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Receive real one-on-one help for your business.  

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