Wise Woman Path to More Clients!!


Free tele-class training
August 19th  noon PT  3:00 ET


I know you want more clients!  Right?

I know your story because it was mine too.

I thought if I just attracted more clients all my problems would end. 

That was only partly true!



I wanted a real business with cash flow!  MoreClientsSwish


I found myself on a cycle of being freaked out when one client ended and then wondered when the next one would come.


When you are stressed or struggling around money, this will slow you down and also cause you to make impulsive decisions based on fears or other issues. 


At that time I didn’t believe in myself or have the confidence to take risks.

I kept those fears hidden and made safe decisions which often were very blah!

This is not to imply that your emotions are wrong, but they are often… emotional and not so grounded!

Fast forward about 15 years- I get it now!


These are women’s issues that can all be transformed!


These are no secrets, but there are clear steps to take and things you need to do.


In this one time free training you will:

• Find out what it takes to not just get more clients, but to stand out and be seen!

• Find out how to close the gap between your expertise and what holds you back.

• How to do this from an empowered Women’s Way, and be much more authentic and real!




I work with women entrepreneurs just like you, people who have some much to give and want to make a big difference!


I truly want you to shift in a big way, and  and get everything aligned for success!


Why am I so passionate about this?  

I want to see  you, as women, trusting that wild, go for it, side of yourself. 

This is my big mission and what keeps me going and I love it. 

I have learned all this the hard way.  It is my pleasure to give back now at this time in my life.

It’s part of my legacy to help you. 


As women we need to support each other to step into our greatness.  


So come along and join me.

Just fill in the form and you are in!

Yes! It will be recorded as always!