www-podcast-buttonThank you for your interest in being interviewed on my Podcast:  Business the Wise Woman Way


I am thrilled that you are interested.




“Business the Wise Woman Way” is a podcast for and about women entrepreneurs.

Inspiring interviews, stories, and practical help for growing a prosperous business into your wise woman years.


I’ve created this page to help me communicate with all you wonderful women who are interested in going on this journey with me.

So please read and see if you feel you are a good fit.


The podcast focus is about you and your story- less about your business and what you do.

It’s about who you are and how you got where you are now.

I have questions I will ask you that are very much about my topic and your story. They are very open-ended and it’s a conversational style so lots of room to share from your heart. 


The purpose of the podcast is not directly for your promotion. I will ask you how people can contact you and if you have something special to offer,  and it will also be written in my blog post that goes with your interview.

Listen to interviews and you will understand.


I want to interview people that will inspire the listeners, and your own journey will be model for them in their own process of developing a business into their wise woman years and doing business the Wise Woman Way.


A good interviewee is:

• A woman who has been an entrepreneur for at least 10 years

• Has overcome problems and/or challenges to having success financially and in personal achievement

• Is no longer in the struggle stage of your business 

• Is ok with sharing your story transparently

• Has a uniqueness that makes you stand out in some way

• Extra points for women over age 60


Please send me a PM on Facebook and let me know why you feel you would be a good fit for my Podcast.  https://www.facebook.com/kayasinger

 I wish I could all of you but there are only so many slots and I need to have a good variety. 

The interviews are pre-recorded on Skype and then I will let you know the live date.  I can certainly try to accommodate your dates and wishes but I also can’t guarantee this as I need to space out the interviews for interest. ex: I don’t want to have three shamanic healers in a row.


I apologize that I can’t talk to all of you live this week  ( I wish I could:)  but I am honored you want to be a part of this.  I  know you understand as you are also busy running a business. 


Thanks again for your interest. I feel so grateful and happy that you are interested!

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