Are you  intrigued with the whole idea of creating a Podcast?
You might want to, but don’t know where to start.


5 Easy Steps to Creating a Podcast

Especially for Visionaries

Complimentary Tele-class
Tuesday April 14th  10AM Pacific


Podcasts are really hot right now.

With smart phones and i pads, people can listen anywhere and anytime.



Do you realize how many people you can touch and be in front of?

Do you have a topic that you love and are impassioned about?


Likely there are others who all feel this way and would love to listen to your Podcasts.


There are simple steps to creating something like this and if you follow the steps it will be easy as well as gratifying.

The good news is that along the way, you can create small pieces that will be awesome as well.


Regardless of where you are in your business there are things you can do to begin this process as the journey of it all is as rich as the end product.

There are many wonderful  benchmarks along the way



•  Present yourself as an expert or specialist

•  Be seen by thousands of people

•  Create wonderful partnerships with many esteemed people

•  Generate many long-term leads

•  Get so many more people on to your website

•  Gain valuable information to use in another format, for example, a book.


In this complimentary class you will:

•  Find out the steps
•  Where you can begin
•  How to overcome the issues that might stop you. 

Complimentary Tele-class
Tuesday April 14th  10AM Pacific


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