Are You Ready For Prosperity in 2016?


Every year you plan for how you want your business to shine by the end of the next year.

You begin the year with hope and conviction to work harder and step in it more fully.

However, what’s true, if you keep doing the same things that aren’t working, you will only get better at staying in the same rut.

It isn’t always about working harder. Sometimes it’s about finding the path up the mountain that is your path and no one else’s. 

I’ve developed a creative tool; one that works for visionary women who just don’t fit into the male way of business planning with spread sheets and all that heady stuff.

Spread sheets can be useful of course, but I wanted to tool to help me understand my business, where I am now, where I want to be, and how to get there. It works and I Love it and I know you will too. 

Are You Ready to Shine in 2016-

Your Business could be:

• Bringing in the money you want
• Attracting the clients you want to help
• Fulfilling your vision and dream

Your path calls you, the owner, to do do something different, focus in a new way, take more risks, or be more committed. 

My very first mentor explained to me about how growing a business and making money was just like planting and tending a garden, an abundant garden, not just enough! 

I would love to share this tool with you, show you how to use it, watch you get it and see exactly what you need to do during the next year.

It isn’t the same for everyone. You business is unique and your own way is well…your way and it’s about building on your magical strengths.  


It isn't always about working harder!


You need new eyes, different perspective, and a willingness to say YES! 

This is my promise to you.

In one 90 minute session we will knuckle down and using this Business Building Spiral we will map out your path through 2016. 

Does this sound good?

It is so much easier when you are not trying to do it alone. 

Are you ready to see your path clearly in front of you?


One 90 minute Prosperity in 2016  Session

We will:

Find out your path to success. It is not the same for everyone. This is about you and it’s very individual.

Determine your goal for 2016 and exactly what you need to do to reach it.

Look at what might sabotage your success and how to prevent that happening. 


Only  $327

Skype, phone, or in person- your choice. 

Plus it includes:

• Recording of the session
• Notes of your steps going forward
• One follow-up email  

I have helped thousands of women do this and I love seeing the shifts!

Contact me now to schedule your session.  (We can organize payments if needed)

(It needs to be scheduled by the end of 2015 to get this price).


Close your eyes and imagine beginning the new year with a prosperity plan….

Are you ready to invest in yourself?  Contact me now.



Kaya has helped me fast-track my progress of getting my business not only back up and running with clients, but also helped me navigate all the technology, marketing and networking for the way business is done today. I could have done it on my own, but it would have taken me YEARS to get where I am in these few short months.

~Paula Nuspl,