Here is video of our first Zoom call on December 17th

I might schedule another one after New Years if there is an interest. Let me know.




Chat – unedited!

From Christine Morgan : I am open to contact before the retreat,
From Grace : Grace would give phone # but I do no answer if # not recognized
From Grace : would love to meet for “tea”
From Susan DeWhitt : Sue DeWhitt 541-913-1921,
From River Rose : River Rose 916-806-0484. Would love to meet for tea also.
From Bonnie : Bonnie Romane – 541-954-2333 –
From Grace : here’s my ph# please leave message and I will call back when I can 541-285-4303
From Elizabeth :
From Joanie : Joan Gold Cypress 541-968-9326
From Elizabeth : Karla, I am so sorry we couldn’t hear you in the space!
From Elizabeth : So happy your voice could arrive as much as it did anyway.